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2011 Predictions - The Year of Breathing Easier - Everything Has Changed

by Phyllis King January 05, 2011 06:57 PM EST
2011 is the year when we start to see movement in all areas of our national and global economy. This is the time that we believe recovery is happening. Unemployment will go down, but not quickly.   There will still be a lot of reticence in the market place to make decisions. More and more businesses will hire, and individuals will loosen their belts a bit.

That being said, the rules of the economic game have changed forever. People will still feel uncertain and unclear about the future. They don’t recognize anything anymore about how our systems our working.   Financial instruments are different. The rules of the game are different.   Even though economic numbers are improving, there is still an underlying feeling of being unsettled.

2011 is also the year we ask ourselves “did we learn our lessons?” This year will prove to be pivotal in many ways.   If we did indeed learn our lessons, then 2012 will be one of the best financial years we’ve seen in many.   This will be the year Obama’s popularity will either return after “saving” the economy or tank for leading us incorrectly. 

If we did not learn our lessons, then we will see yet another decline in 2010 economically.   Energy suggests we are in a 50/50 proposition with this projection.   We literally are holding our futures in our hands by what we think and the actions we take owing to those thoughts.

If we try to go back to business as usual, we will likely return to deep economic upheaval. We must be flexible and embrace the changes of the past three years. If we do so we will move into a new era that suggests longer term stability for everyone. I believe we will have the answer to this question no later than the second quarter of 2011.

Meanwhile, as the economy fights its way back to stability, we will continue to see major physical events on the planet.   We will continue to experience unique weather patterns. We will also continue to see earthquake activity all over the planet.   We will again experience large earthquakes in Asia, Indonesia and the western United States. We will also see tsunami events, more volcanic activity and hurricanes specifically in tropical areas of the United States.   We will see flooding in the flat states in America.  

Unfortunately, we may see our first successful terror attack on US soil since 9/11. The attack will be a bomb. It will likely occur in the eastern seaboard.   Yet, its effect will be more emotional than physical. The attempts will continue to be crude and unsophisticated. Yet, the frequency of attempts will increase.   A bumbling terrorist will get lucky with their home made cocktail. No death will occur, but there will be some property damage, and it will be yet another call to action to construct effective security systems. 

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Specifically we will see much more profiling at airports, and a cantankerous debate over immigration.   Latinos are going to suffer the brunt of terrorist activity. Although we are not being attacked by those south of the border, they are visible to us. We will focus on our southern borders. Once again the US will place its frustrations on people who didn’t do anything to us. Iran will continue to cause the US and the world community great concern over their nuclear program. Although nothing will come to the forefront in 2011, a aggressive policy will be implemented to require Iran to comply with UN resolutions.   We may see an escalation of force used against Iran, or the US will be gearing up for that in 2012.

North Korea will continue to remain unstable, yet truly pose no legitimate threat. They continue to thirst for respect.     Pakistan will play a greater role in peace than before.   Their relationship to the US has been unreliable. That will change.   We will pull out troops out of Iraq significantly. Iraq will holds its own. Afghanistan is another story. That will continue to be Obama’s war.

Mexico will become a larger player in the Global community, as the US and Mexico struggle to create a policy to deal with the drug cartels, and their imports to the US.   We will see many attempts at various instruments that will legalize drugs in some way. We may see some legalization occur in California, Vermont, Washington and Oregon.   In Mexico we will see a compendium of justice makers offer true solutions to the corruption in law enforcement. It will be a task force that is not only effective but brings credibility to the region.   A leader will emerge from this movement that inspires many in South America.

Hollywood will have some of its best years ever in the movie business. We will see records continue to be broken at the box office. Stars that are potent this year will remain potent next year. Yet, we will begin to see a new generation emerge, with a number of young actors. They will carry a similar weight, as did the Rat Pack and the Brat Pack of previous generations. We will also see a new market emerge for people over 50, specifically women.   The ilk of Sex in the City will continue.     We will say good bye to some major movie stars and musicians in 2011. It will be shocking in nature, much like the passing of Michael Jackson in 2009. Online social networking will continue to dominate the scene, and grow even larger. We will continue to see more matchmaking websites like match.com and entertainment venues like youtube will thrive. In many ways this is the emergence of people taking back their power in the marketplace.

All in all 2011 will be one of the best years we have had in recent memory. Lingering fears and uncertainty will still prevail.   Nationally and globally we have a choice to make.   President Obama will play a significant role in that.   If he can lead us effectively, we will turn the corner on our economic woes for the foreseeable future. If he missteps and does not lead us appropriately, we will likely sink back into an economic hole in 2012. Energy suggests it is up to us. We have a choice in the matter. It is based upon our ability to be flexible and embrace change.

When we elected Obama, it was based upon wanting “change.” Now we will have to put our money where our mouth is and change. That means accommodate new ideas, and embrace new financial instruments and protocols.

On the personal level, this is the year we all get to breathe easier for a longer period of time. If you have been unemployed for a significant period of time this is the time you will finally connect with employment.   For many people focus will return to relationships over finances for the first time in about five years.   It’s a good year for love, expanding family, and for repairing relationships. It remains a time when we will be surprised and shocked by events in the world, near and far away.

The message for 2011 is remain flexible, and embrace change. There is no going going back to what was.   Success will lie in moving forward in new directions and with new ideas. If you started a business, stay committed to it. If you ended a relationship, start a new one. Don’t give up on yourself. You will reap the benefits in 2012.
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