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2011: Yearly Overview -- Taurus

by Sherene Schostak October 19, 2010 04:56 PM EST


Your legendary tenacity and patience is truly about to pay off in spades this year Taurus. After a long and arduous 12 years, your luck is returning with a fabulous vengeance. Jupiter, the planet of large-scale fortune enters your sturdy stars this June for an extended stint taking you right into 2012 in excellent standing. Never has it felt so easy to let go of comfort zones and move into unknown territory with such confidence and gusto. Even the most cautious and conservative of bulls can easily see that the rewards far outweigh the risk this year. Push the envelope, raise the bar and go for the biggest stakes your loyal heart can fathom.

You’re a florid channel of original ideas this spring when six planets line up in your unconscious sector of dreams and inspiration right around your birthday. Ready yourself for what becomes a turbo-charged imagination to keep you up at night with more genius schemes than there is time to humanly handle. Your brain will feel like a non-stop idea factory that refuses to rest, so you’ll need extra time in nature or at the gym to remain relatively grounded.

Unexpected social encounters and fabulous new friendships flourish throughout the year with special highlights occurring in March and April when Mars powers up your friendship sector. May and June are stellar months for dating and mating with all around good times to be had in general compliments of Venus in Taurus. You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind all summer with Venus and Mars emphasizing your financial sector. Make your money in June and July while the getting is good and save the leisure rewards for August when you can kick back guilt-free.


Any lingering clouds obscuring your professional vision will pass as Neptune leaves your career sector in 2011 in April. This is a momentous shift considering Neptune has worked to glamorize, spiritualize and at other times blur your professional aims since 1998. Neptune will retrograde back to unleash one last floodgate in August but the clarity gained over the spring and summer will support you through the imminent changes over the course of the year in preparation for more and more of your bigger dreams coming true between now and 2012. Your confidence in your talents and ability to make money is tip-top. Saturn remains in your work sector for another year continuing to deliver the teachings on what it means to value yourself and take yourself and your talents more seriously. No more settling for short shrift, Taurus.

A little bravado goes a long way in January and February with Mars firing up your career sector. Don’t be afraid to push for what you really want. The squeaky bull gets the promotion, so declare your intentions loudly and clearly while the opportunities are peaking. You have no problem working yourself to the bone to help others realize their vision, but now it’s time to put that same effort into making your own dreams come true. Saying no to others is the first step towards finally saying yes to yourself. Your best moneymaking opportunities arrive just in time for your birthday. Working hard in June and July garners major pay-offs for a decadent vacation in August.


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As 2011 kicks off, you continue to benefit from the long-term effects of Venus in Scorpio in your relationship sector (since September 2009). But by early January, Venus (your planetary ruler) moves on to your sector of transformation, bringing deep relationship issues home to roost. You’ll have a chance to incorporate each and every powerful lesson from 2009 into the core of your being prepared for the next level of intimacy. Enough is enough, Taurus -- you’re ready for the real McCoy when it comes to love. Haven’t you settled enough, taking care of everyone else’s needs without getting in touch with what it is to love and be loved in return?

By the time your birthday rolls around, Venus will have blissfully entered her home turf in Taurus, assuring that you’ll feel at your beautiful best. This also bodes wonderfully for attracting love and connection in the best of all possible ways. Make the most of late May and early April (your strongest Venus period) to get your beauty rituals on. When you look good, you feel irresistible so it’s no wonder you are suddenly a date magnet this spring. When Venus enters your romance and pleasure sector in August, you’ll have no problem putting work on the back burner in favor of a little romantic raucous. In October, Venus enters your partnership sector to seal the deal on your summer flirtations. Commitment and compromise are absolutely necessary if true love is what you seek.

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