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by The Astrologer's Daughter September 02, 2014 06:48 PM EST
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“But only in their dreams can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be.” 

-- Robin Williams 

News of Robin Williams suicide stunned and saddened a lot of us. It’s hard to imagine someone with so much talent and success making a choice to take their life -- which by public account was celebrated, glamorous, replete with friendship, family and home in his Northern California real estate. Yes, there were the struggles with alcoholism, substance abuse and depression, but it didn’t dim his stature or transform him into some grizzled has-been in the public perception. He was still happy-go-lucky Robin Williams -- Mork of Mork and Mindy, the joyous provocateur DJ on Good Morning,Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire -- and whatever he was to you. He reminded us to laugh. How could HE check out of life? 

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It’s hard for most of us, thankfully, to truly understand depression or the emotional impact of hearing you have Parkinson's. Or the highs and lows of someone with so much charisma and sensitivity that he could run circles around late-night talk show hosts or have an audience laughing so hard, they coughed up phlegm. Williams was a deep-feeler, intuitive and sensitive to say the least; he was triple-Water with a Ninth House Sun in Cancer, a Fourth House Pisces Moon and Scorpio Rising. When I first looked at his chart, I was surprised that he even had the gall to endeavor the public stage with such a torrent of feeling and the concomitant vulnerability. But Water is the powerful force, especially when it lets go and lets God, as they say. For anyone who's worked with Robin Williams, they attest to his all-out commitment and dazzling comic genius (his Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Leo and the Tenth House!)  This is someone who was definitely “in the zone” … that magical place where the mind shuts off and spirit takes over.  

We can’t know someone’s private moments -- least of all a celebrity who tirelessly makes us forget ourselves by feeding the collective with pitch-perfect delivery and boundless generosity of spirit. As Steven Spielberg said in reflecting on his old friend: “He could make everyone happy but himself.” I remember my housemate saying a few months back -- after having witnessed some Robin Williams special -- that we are actually lucky to be alive at the same time as such a talent. “It’s like being alive in the days of Charlie Chaplin.” It’s like Williams had something a little … extra, but was also relatable.

Like Mork, maybe he was otherworldly with a set of resources that always felt a little foreign against the dull blows of life’s vicissitudes. The dewy sadness of Neptune was approaching his natal Moon in Pisces, attuning him to an even greater expanse of feeling -- for better or worse -- bringing up a yearning to return “home” which means different things to different people. I certainly wish he could have found that place on earth or didn’t have the rigorous battle against depression, but I am thankful he left a beautiful legacy behind and we can continue to celebrate his life. 
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