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AdZe MiXXe
AdZe MiXXe

The extraordinarily talented and inspirational astrologer, AdZe MiXXe, was born March 3, 1953 at 8:10 am EST in Philadelphia, PA and moved on to the stars on July 2, 1997 at 8:40 am EDT in West Chester, PA. He loved the Internet, foresaw its explosive growth, and was most proud of his website built in 1995. AdZe wrote prolifically, and brought unequalled insight and flair to his astrological interpretations. His wit and wisdom are still available to benefit others through his personal reports. He believed that the entertainment value of astrology has not been fully capitalized yet.
His greatest strengths were his pioneering spirit, boundless positive energy and genuine sincerity. It was his goal to entertain, enlighten and empower. His work was to elevate, motivate and substantiate. In addition to making a wealth of accurate predictions for individuals, couples, businesses, public figures, celebrities and the environment, he prided himself on being pro-active, and helping his clients and fans to make the future happen their way. He specialized in love and money.
AdZe MiXXe, Astrologer Extraordinaire, had multi-media experience including public speaking, print, radio, television and cyberspace. He presented programs to business and industry as well as to non-profit and to local government groups throughout the Delaware Valley region where he lived. He also made presentations to the Philadelphia Astrological Society and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.
His self-syndicated astrology column, appeared weekly and/or monthly in 21 newspapers in PA, NJ, & DE. AdZe was the "Official astrologer" of Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia, PA, writing monthly columns and making personal appearances as representative of magazine for six years. He was a featured writer for Welcome to Planet Earth, Eugene, OR, and published articles in: The Mountain Astrologer, Big Shout, The Mercury Hour, Philadelphia Magazine, Friends and Lovers, Alternatives, The Last Edition, Shopper's Magazine, Heliogram, Psychic Astrology Horoscope and the NCGR Memberletter.
AdZe hosted and produced a weekly call-in talk show on WCOJ Radio, West Chester, PA, and appeared for seven years as a monthly guest on the Susan Bray Show, WWDB, Bala Cynwyd, PA. In addition, he wrote, produced, and syndicated AdZe MiXXe's Radio Almanac, a daily radio astrology column that aired on 17 stations in PA, NY, NJ and VA, West Chester, PA. He appeared on several local cable television shows in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. AdZe MiXXe's No Nonsense Astrology for Love and Money was a bi-weekly, pay-per-call astrology column for inclusion into voicemail packages for Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Daily News, Princeton Packet, and the Atlantic City Casino Guide. He was also an early host of Astrology Forum for AOL.

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