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Are Babies in the Stars for Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig?

by Kiki T. September 30, 2011 01:00 AM EST
Are Babies in the Stars for Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig?
Dream House, the movie in which Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig met and fell in love is out for release today, September 30. As predicted here, this couple lasted, as they have an insanely strong astrological compatibility. However, can we expect babies for these lovebirds too?

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Rachel and Daniel are Pisces and as such, they go with the flow. Having admitted she would be open to the idea, it wasn’t something they were placing on the top of their priority list. Luckily for them, they aren’t under any pressure, as three planets are moving into Scorpio: Venus on October 9, followed by Mercury on the 13th and the Sun on the 23rd. All these planets will be in Pisces’ Ninth House of adventure and spirituality, placing the theme on inner growth. So, for kids, the verdict? Not likely.
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