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Are You Bikini Ready??

by Heather the CosmosGal July 17, 2010 09:32 PM EST
Are You Bikini Ready??

Both Mars and Venus are currently in health-oriented Virgo, and with Venus still in a trine to Pluto, this is a great time to get in shape for the one you love. If you're looking, this is even more of a reason to work on that bikini body. You'll have the energy to work hard at sculpting your body thanks to Mars presence. Get a move on based on your sign!



Let's start with the most obvious sign of health - energy. And you've got loads of it. You're ruled by Mars, a planet which is all about strength, power, and energy. Burn off the bloat with an intense workout, like krav maga, spinning, or cardio kickboxing. But don't go too hard. Sometimes you rams just don't know when to quit and that can lead to burnout, stress fractures, or worse. You definitely don't want your body out of commission and neither does your sweetie. Muscles only increase when you rest, so take a break and give them a chance to grow after your workouts. 



When it comes to all things beautiful, delicious, and relaxing, you're a lover. And you're certainly not a fighter. In fact, when was the last time you saw a bull doing anything that required energy aside from when someone's waving a red cape at them? Your strength is that you're loyal and committed when it comes to getting some sort of job done, and you definitely don't want to let other people down.  This month, hire a personal trainer from your local gym and commit to a simple and steady workout plan three times a week. Dinner with your sweetie always tastes better after a good workout.



Your ruling planet, Mercury, is all about speed. The little messenger has blessed you with a fast mind, quick wit, and high metabolism. That metabolism has bailed you out after decadent nights, but over time, even the fastest metabolism slows down and those nights will take their toll - unless you do something about it. Hit the treadmill or head for the hills and put some miles on your sneakers. This exercise will not only boost your health, it could boost your love life. Who knows who you'll meet on your run and before long, you might not be running alone. 



Quick quiz: what part of the body is ruled by the sign of the crab? Give up? The stomach. Talk about good news and bad news. The good news is, you enjoy a good meal. The bad news is, you enjoy a good meal. And when things get stressful, those good meals turn into bad meals, and that stomach turns into a belly. Keep an eye on your stress levels when you eat and be sure to restart that exercise program you've talked about. If you're like me, you've already signed up for a gym. Why not head down there and see what your money's doing for you? If there's a pool, jump in. Swimming laps is a great way for crabs to lose that belly.



You're the king of the jungle, but even a king has a ruler. In your case, it's the Sun, giving you the radiant personality you're known for. Keep that glow bright with a good exercise regime. While lions are frequently seen lounging around on rocks, Leos are best served by aerobic exercise. If running isn't your thing, try joining a class, where you can get the dual benefit of burning calories and making new friends.  Power yoga is a great way to feel the burn and gather more core strength for the lion. Check out fellow Leo celeb, Jennifer Lopez's yoga guru, Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga.



Pop quiz: what part of the body is ruled by Virgo? It's your digestive system which probably explains why you run for the Rolaids when stress levels rise. Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet, try swimming, which is not only great exercise, but is proven to relieve heartburn. I could get into the technical details, but just trust me on this one. 



Grace and balance are watchwords for the healthy Libra, but that doesn't come easy. It's the product of a smart diet and a good exercise plan. Focus on yoga, pilates, or yoga booty ballet to lengthen your muscles and accentuate your natural grace. Once you're done with those, develop your core, and hone your balance, on an exercise ball. If you can do sit-ups on the ball without falling, close your eyes to make it a little harder. And if you can still do sit-ups with your eyes closed, you're probably cheating. 



Let's face it, you've got an intense side to you, which is why you're good at your job and even better in the sack. That intensity comes from your ruling planet, Mars, the celestial body of strength and aggression. Put that strength and intensity to good use by focusing on core strength.  Lady Scorpio should look into pole dancing classes, as well as, cardio striptease.  Not only will you get your heart rate up, you'll get up his, too. 



You're a natural athlete, it's practically written in the stars, or at least in your star sign. I know there are times where you just don't feel like working out, but it plays to your strengths and your efforts will pay off. Is this also a good time to mention that each star sign rules a body part and yours is the hips? Did that get your attention and get you thinking about working out? If you're looking for a workout other than sports like tennis or volleyball, try salsa dancing. This is a great workout for your ruling part and will definitely get his attention.



I'm sure there have been times where you Capricorns have said, "Why do I have such a humdrum symbol? The goat? Why couldn't I have something cool?" Let me tell you, the goat is all about quick feet and nimble movements. When it comes to burning calories, those skills come in handy in a big way. Put them to use with tennis or kickboxing. That'll definitely keep the goat on their toes.



Of all the signs, you're more conscious about the world at large than you are about your body.  Doing hard labor for a good cause could be a way to burn calories for Aqua, however, it's not everyday that you can squeeze in building a home for orphans. Because you are also eccentric, look into fun and exciting ways to exercise. Take some trapeze lessons, learn how to break dance, or check out those lesser known workouts like piloxing or gyrotonics. Something that sets you apart from the crowd is definitely up your alley. 




Let's see...Pisces...exercise...Pisces, which is a fish and water symbol, and exercise. I wonder what would be the best fit for a Pisces. Since you're clearly clever enough to turn on a computer, I'm pretty sure you can guess which type of exercise best suits you...trampoline jumping. I'm kidding, of course. You were born to swim, which isn't nearly as glamorous as being born to rock, but certainly a lot healthier. Put on your wet suit and grab your surfboard. You'll burn calories, strengthen your lungs and heart, all without any pressure on your joints. And, as an added bonus, you'll get to check out the other swimmers in their suits. Not a bad deal, eh?


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