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  • The Real You Reading
    The Real You Reading

    This insightful and highly accurate reading allows you to look in the cosmic mirror by interpreting the astrological influences that occurred the moment you were born. Gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world around you, and open yourself to personal improvement and self-discovery.

    1 Person Reading
    " This report is wonderfully written. The scope of the information is so broad and enlightening. This is the best I've seen on..." read more
    -- Sheila, U.S.
  • Planetary Influence Profile
    Planetary Influence Profile

    Discover how you are evolving as an individual with your progressed chart. Your birth chart outlines your personality blueprint. However, your progressed chart maps how your personality changes and develops as the planets continue their respective orbits into different signs and houses and the aspects they form with each other. Your personalized Planetary Influence Reading based on your progressed chart gives you an excellent overview of your life as it is unfolding.

    1 Person Reading
    " Very detailed, interesting and informative. Appeared to correlate closely with my knowledge of myself and my personality traits..." read more
    -- Glenys, Australia
  • Astro Identity Reading
    Astro Identity Reading

    Gain a unique understanding of yourself and your journey toward personal growth with this detailed interpretation of your birth chart. What makes you unique, what drives you, what motivates you, what gives you pleasure and joy?

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    " Awesome! Best astrological reading I've received. Do one today and find out!
    -- Lori, U.S.
  • Birth Chart Analysis
    Birth Chart Analysis

    The Birth Chart Analysis Reading makes understanding your birth chart easy, guiding you step-by-step and showing you how to think through each interpretation. The purpose of astrology is to enable personal growth and increase self-awareness. This detailed and insightful reading will help you do just that!

    1 Person Reading
    " It's a great introductory to astrology. It explains complicated theories in an accessible way for a layman like myself.
    -- Alice, China