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Barack and Michelle Obama - an action packed 20 years

by Marjorie Orr October 04, 2012 01:29 PM EST

Barack Obama celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary yesterday with a very flat performance in the first debate with Mitt Romney. This was in all probability due in part to tr Pluto just having moved to oppose his Sun/Moon midpoint which can in a politician’s chart indicate strains in the relationship with the public.
   Pluto on Sun/Moon produces a good deal of inner torment which rather suggests he is very pushed and pulled about what he actually wants. It will also affect his marriage since this midpoint is the key significator for committed close relationships and again it indicates challenges and stresses. This runs on till late November this year.

 The chart for his wedding to Michelle on 3 October 1992 has a Libra Sun in a steady, sensible trine to Saturn. Though the wedding Sun also sits on the focal point of a T square to a (Moon) Uranus Neptune opposition Mars suggesting a fiery marriage, which is highly strung, constantly changing and needs a great deal of individual space. Venus in seductive Scorpio is in a passionately enthusiastic trine to Mars though it also squares Saturn.
Saturn can indicate coolness and too much work/ambition getting in the way of indulgence. But it also suggests longevity.
 It hasn’t been the easiest of marriages, but there are clearly enough pluses to outweigh the minuses.  When they nearly split around 2000 tr Uranus then in Aquarius was square the Wedding Pluto which is unstable; with tr Jupiter Saturn both in opposition so some game-playing and power-struggling going on in a deadlock situation.

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 Their relationship chart (as is normally the case) has almost the same mix. People do pick the day for the wedding – quite unconsciously – which fits their pattern.
  The composite Sun is square Saturn, though it also opposes affectionate Venus – so the mood between them will veer from sweet to chilly fairly frequently.  The Sun is also trine Jupiter so it is a bond which brings both mutual support and a morale boost. There’s a composite Jupiter opposition Pluto Uranus – so again a feeling of two strong people jockeying for position within the marriage to see who can get the last word. The Uranus Pluto hints at a relationship that is destined to live through changing times.

  The other way to look at relationships is through the synastry which is comparing one chart to the other and looking at the cross overs. Both have Venus in a Water sign, hers in Pisces and his in Cancer, so they resonate emotionally to the same tune. Both have Air sign Moons, hers in Aquarius and his in Gemini, so again they are both fairly detached emotionally and share relatively similar attitudes to nurturing and family life.
  She’s an earthy Sun Capricorn and he is a fiery Sun Leo which is a surprisingly common match since both are ambitious for material and social status, so they have shared values. Her Jupiter in Aries is trine his Sun exactly so her confidence is tremendously important in keeping his self esteem high. She will bring him luck.
  Her feisty upfront Sun Mars conjunction does impact on his central Jupiter opposition Mercury square Neptune T Square so she’ll also breathe courage into him. Though with her Mars opposition his Mercury it will be argumentative and her Sun is conjunct his Saturn so he’ll block her out with overwork. Her Saturn Moon are opposition his Uranus so tensions will build up between and then spill over. So again a great many pluses and quite a few rough edges to negotiate round.

  There will be considerable pressure on their relationship chart from January 2013 onwards for two years as tr Pluto trines the composite Pluto. Tr Neptune is also sextile their composite Venus from late December this year, followed by tr Neptune opposition Uranus and then trine composite Sun from March with the year following having tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter – so there is a degree of disappointment for them through 2013/14/15.
  The wedding chart also shows 2013/14 as years of major stress with tr Pluto and tr Uranus both in hard aspect to the Wedding Sun at 10 degrees Libra. It will be acutely frustrating at times with tr Pluto opposition Mars and that will run until mid decade.

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