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Being with the Cardinal Climax

by Kay Taylor July 29, 2010 07:25 PM EST

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' This Dickens quote came to mind as I was finishing this blog entry, because this week we're really in the extremities of energy!  The sometimes feared and much anticipated Cardinal Climax alignment of the intense plantetary bodies is moving into exact position. Transformation soup, the pressure cooker of deep truth fueling unprecedented growth, transformation and change. Drawing again to familiar quotes, 'a few eggs will be broken to make this omelet!'

In the next few days the alignment deepens and strengthens to its maximum velocity, although the various subparts have already been doing their dance -- symbolizing both destruction and blessings in our world and in our personal lives. If we are all surfers in the vast ocean of life, there are a few who are cruising the monster waves, most of us are struggling through, and some are truly being hammered.

I'm suggesting that everyone simply 'lay low' for the next few days. Not in an attitude of fear, but in an attitude of awe and sacredness, to be able to truly feel the energies moving through us, to process the deep truths emerging from our unconscious, to process the emotions that might sometimes elude us but now are present and relentless, and to work on mapping out our own unique path to consciousness and service. Our intuition doesn't pick up the subtleties well when we're busy and scattering our energy.

A few days ago we had the fifth and final opposition of Saturn and Uranus, the energy of enlightenment and radical change engaged with the forces of tradition and so-called reality. The first four oppositions of these dynamic planets were mutable or more changeable, and focused around limited beliefs, law, philosophies and the pull to higher consciousness. The current opposition has the cardinal energy of initiation within it and indicates some encouraging new starts and forward momentum -- leaping past old patterns of dithering and trying to please everyone. Our sense of urgency and radical independence expands, and as Uranus has now entered the sign of Aries for seven years (and is currently hanging out with expansive optimistic Jupiter) we can expect unexpected change and innovation emerging in all spheres of life. Life will not be dull this week, nor for the foreseeable future.

Over the weekend Mars will move into alignment with this opposition. This is where the potential for accidents and aggressive action escalates. Friday night is particularly challenging as the Moon in Aries ignites the powder keg. Stay home and meditate! The highest use of this energy is enlightenment and a sense of personal mission.

By Monday, Mars will be moving out of the exact alignment providing some relief in the vibration of the opposition, but it won't be until Thursday that it finishes its square with Pluto. So even when the primary intensity is complete, we will need a great deal of consciousness to channel perhaps deeply held anger or resentments and life force. Remember the Pluto part of this t-square calls on us to dig deep into our psyche, face the truth of our shadow and transform deeply. Even if we imagine we're not an angry person, it's good to check for impatience and judgments, the shadow for spiritual people who believe they have mastered anger.

Throughout all of this, love is the answer. My spirit guides have consistently counseled me and all who will listen to stay grounded and centered in love and do not allow fear to pull us into the chaos as the old world dissolves.

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The answer is the same astrologically. A t-square of planets is like a three legged table. The missing leg is the sign of Cancer (although the transiting South Node in Cancer provides a bit of a soul memory recall point to draw on). Love and nurturing, family connections, security and frankly, good nourishing food will all help us navigate and balance the more intense transformative energies. Staying grounded and present in heart space, relaxed, trusting, giving to others -- this is our medicine and our protection. 

Interestingly, Neptune, the planet of unconditional love and oneness, is the only transpersonal planet that is not directly engaged in this t-square process. It's energies are clearly available, but sitting a bit off to the side, waiting to move into the sign of Pisces in early 2012 to help us raise consciousness to the highest frequencies once more of the old paradigm has been crashed and the debris swept away.

So to recap:
1. Stay grounded and heart centered. Exercise caution and patience in all dealings with others.
2. Look at your secrets and shadows. Resolve to release old habits and patterns that keep you from living a glorious, enlightened life.
3. Trust and have faith. Remember this is an incredibly challenging time. Allow your High Self to guide you through the turbulence.
4. Connect with trusted friends in this process for more support. We are in this together as community. This will be more and more obvious and we feel our connection to all sentient beings and the web of mother earth.

PS: I have a fabulous new meditation to help with integrating these energies I will post within 24 hours, so stay tuned.

Yours in Spirit!!
and with great Love to you All.


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