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Being You -- Not Just a Mom

by D. Light July 14, 2014 10:39 AM EST
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Admit it. You've been introduced so many times as your kid's mom that you actually introduce yourself that way. And the worst part is, half the time they don't even ask your name. They just go on calling you "Katie's mom" -- even the adults.

"Katie's mom, can I get you some fruit punch?"

The whole conversation goes from there.

"So where does Katie go to school? How does Katie know Kyle?" And this, oh nameless taxi driver and social secretary of Katie, is somehow acceptable to you. It's become the new normal.

Oh wait -- you mean you're not Katie's mom? Well insert your child's name then and see if the profile fits.

Thought so.

And while being a mom may be the most fulfilling and enriching part of your life, here's a little cosmic insight for being YOU at the same time.

ARIES: Get your Zumba on.
Or your Pilates, spin, swim, hamster wheel -- or, god forbid, P90X. Hey, how about a walk around the block? It really doesn't matter as long as your heart rate is up, your breath is flowing, and your kid is somewhere else. Aries is an active sign and exercise is crucial!

TAURUS: Eat what YOU like.
Yours is the sign of fine food. So why is there's a can of speghettios where the truffle oil once was? Sure, sometimes it's easier to do mac & cheese than to get into that spicy portobello recipe they're sure to hate, but just don't forget that you're a person with a mouth too. Do it your way, at least twice a week.

GEMINI: Read Big Girl Magazines.
It doesn't count if it's about child rearing, cooking or decorating kid's rooms. What did you read when you were single? Fifteen minutes of page turning fun can be the glamorous escape that keeps you grounded in your own identity. For the sign of communication, media can be like a lifeline.

CANCER: Re-Zone your home.

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Moonchildren like you take special pride in their homes, even when they happen to be overrun by toys. Still, there needs to be a space for "Mom's Only" where no one else is allowed -- even a closet sized space will do. Put up the yellow police tape if you have to, but do enforce the rule.

LEO: Get holy hair.
Now that you're a busy mom you tend to go much longer between appointments than you used to. You've even been known to hack at your own bangs or get your color from a box. It's all good, though you should remember that you deserve the kind of attention and style that only a beloved hair master can deliver. Your mane is sacred dear lion, and so should be the appointment with your stylist.

VIRGO: Hire a Maid.
It doesn't have to be a regular thing. Also, you should know that your helper is not going to do as good a job as you, perfectionist that you are. But once you've lowered your expectations you'll find that that this little treat is worthwhile because it gives you the time, and the peace of mind, to do something that's just for you -- even if that something is napping.

LIBRA: Grab your girlfriends and go.
You Libras are so loyal in you relationships. You make your partner the center of your world and then when your baby comes along you become simply amazing at finding ways to keep the whole family basking in your satellite love. But the girlfriends often fall to the wayside. Bring them back for some female bonding time -- make G.N.O. a regular thing!

SCORPIO: Make sexy fun priority one.
Being a mom really makes you appreciate what your lady bits were originally intended to do. Sometimes the realization can be a libido blocker. And let's face it, there are million other reasons why "Have Sex" gets moved down on your list of important things to do today. Scorpio, you'll be revitalized by moving "Sex" back to position one every once in a while.

SAGITTARIUS: Adventure Solo.
Now that you have to buy several plane tickets instead of just one, your travels habits have taken a different shape. However, keep in mind that a journey doesn't have to be distant to be fresh and new. Also, not that babysitters shouldn’t only be for date nights. Hire one and venture out on your own -- you'll have blast.

CAPRICORN: Designate mad money.
Ever the responsible one, you tend to put every spare nickel into raising your family. Reserve some of that loot for yourself. A growing cache of mad money is not as selfish as you think. Rather it's a symbol of self-esteem, and maybe even sanity.

AQUARIUS: Join the club.
For you, moving to music is like getting a massage from the inside out. You have an amazingly strong connection to rhythm and tone and when you let your body react you are instantly elevated. This intensifies when the music is loud, the lights are low, and there's a whole crowd of dancers.

PISCES: Get your Zen on.
Spiritual study and growth is a major part of who you are. This type of work takes attention and time just like any other pursuit. Set aside daily moments for prayer, meditation and creative practices that keep you feeling spiritually connected.
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