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Flower Essences and Moon Signs

by Stephanie Gailing November 19, 2013 07:19 PM EST
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Flower essences are natural remedies that work energetically to inspire emotional well-being. While many people know of the stress-reducing Rescue RemedyTM blend, there are actually hundreds of individual flower essences that address different facets of mind-body health.

Which one may be suited for you? Since your Moon sign offer a glimpse into your emotional nature, instinctive habits and individual brand of feelings, you can look to your lunar constitution to find a flower essence that may address your holistic wellness needs.

Below is one flower essence listed for each of the 12 Moon signs. Read yours and see if it feels like a good fit.

Here's to your health! [Editor's Note: You can find flower essences in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies as well as through flower essence practitioners.]

Aries Moon: Impatiens Flower Essence
On-the-go Aries-Moon people like to do things with a quick clip. Waiting isn’t necessarily their forte -- there’s too much to achieve and accomplish. But sometimes their now-or-never perspective can cause undue stress. Impatiens can be a good Aries-Moon flower essence as it helps to inspire patience and the ability to flow with the natural pace of life.

Taurus Moon: Chestnut Bud Flower Essence
Taurus Moons thrive on the rhythm of routine. Finding comfort in the known, they are often attached to their habits and viewpoints -- sometimes even those that they know are not the most supportive. Chestnut Bud can be a good Taurus Moon flower essence as it offers encouragement to break out of stagnant patterns, capturing insight into important life lessons.

Gemini Moon: Madia Flower Essence
Gemini Moons are emotionally sparked by a sense of curiosity. Intellectual butterflies, they like to shimmy from this idea to that one, which reflects their keen curiosity but can sometimes leave them feeling distracted. Madia can be a good Gemini Moon flower essence as it can help to help to calm a wandering mind and instill focused concentration.

Cancer Moon: Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Cancer Moons are nurtured by the past, connected to a feeling of belonging that their history offers. Yet, sometimes a strong reverence for what came before may spur an attachment to it, shrouding one's ability to be fully in the present moment. Honeysuckle may be a good flower essence for Cancer Moons as it helps them to consciously connect to the past, release its tight grip, and bring its wisdom more fully into the here and now.

Leo Moon: Indian Paintbrush Flower Essence
Leo Moons infuse love into all that they do. Life is their canvas for expressing their joy, creativity and romantic natures. Yet, there are times when day-to-day responsibilities may tax energy levels and deplete their creative juices. Indian Paintbrush flower essence helps Leo Moons reconnect with their exuberant sense of self-expression, rousing their vitality and reigniting the flame of their passionate creative spirit.

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Virgo Moon: Pine Flower Essence
Striving for perfection, Virgo Moons love to be organized and want things to be just so. They hold themselves to levels that are sometimes difficult—or impossible—to accomplish; and, when they don't meet their own standards, they are inclined towards self-deprecation and an impeccable sense of guilt. Pine flower essence can assist those with Virgo Moons relax their self-judgment to more readily accept and celebrate who they are.

Libra Moon: Scleranthus Flower Essence
Those with Libra Moons love to get varying opinions on things so that they can weigh their options before making a decision. Yet, sometimes this measuring process can become extended as they find themselves in continual states of vacillation that prevent them from committing to a decision. Scleranthus can be a good flower essence for Libra Moons when they want support in discovering a sense of inner knowingness and more decisive determination.

Scorpio Moon: Holly Flower Essence
Scorpio Moons love to feel deeply connected. And yet, if they perceive that others are not reciprocating their desire for inclusiveness, it may stir up defensive feelings of jealousy, envy, suspicion or the like. Holly flower essence may help quell these overriding emotions through inspiring Scorpio Moons to connect to an expansive feeling of abundant, ever-present, transformative love.

Sagittarius Moon: Vervain Flower Essence
Expanding their worlds and sharing their ideal perspectives nurtures the Sagittarius Moon. While this helps their spirit to burn bright with its inherent passion, sometimes their enthusiasm can lead to a rigidity of perspective and nervous agitation. Vervain can help Sagittarius Moons discover and appreciate "the middle path" -- a route to modulating their energy expenditures while also meeting their goals of inspiring others.

Capricorn Moon: Oak Flower Essence

Nourished by their dedicated work ethic, Capricorn Moons will push themselves to achieve a vast array of accomplishments. Highly perseverant and self-reliant, they often feel they can everything on their own, which may bolster their confidence but can be exhausting. Oak flower essence can help Capricorn Moons to remember that they too have limits, and acceptance of which reflects strength, rather than weakness.

Aquarius Moon: California Wild Rose Flower Essence
With a desire to be more globally focused and work on their altruistic visions, Aquarius Moons may find it necessary to emotionally detach at times. And yet, unheeded detachment risks being transformed to apathy, which can cloud their ability to galvanize their strong wills. When Aquarius Moons need help re-energizing their commitment to their valued ideals, California Wild Rose flower essence may be helpful.

Pisces Moon: Pink Yarrow Flower Essence
With their sensitive nature, those with Pisces Moons are psychic sponges, often taking on the feelings and energies of their environment. For example, they may find themselves feeling sadness only to later realize that it wasn't so much their own personal emotion but one picked up from someone with whom they spent time. Pink Yarrow helps Pisces Moons maintain emotional clarity, keeping their hearts open and boundaries fortified.

DISCLAIMER: This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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