Sex & the Galaxy
A cosmic guide to all things sexual
D. Light
There's a traditional toast for newlyweds made to the groom that goes: "I wish you the duration of a dog, the frequency of a sparrow, the strength of a bull." I'm no zoologist, so I'm not even sure I understand that whole thing, but I really get the part about the bull. I mean, 'strong like bull...' everybody gets that right? Well they certainly do under the Taurus Moon. Ask...
  • jul 30
    04:09 pm

    Gemini Moon-Sex

    When I was in high school (you know, a couple months or decades ago) girls got flack for being teases. Anyone who was all talk was accused of giving... read more
  • jul 24
    09:24 am

    Leo Moon-Sex

    Leo Moon is the time to show your love -- emphasis on the "show" -- costume and makeup should be involved, and of course good... read more
  • jul 23
    10:44 am

    Scorpio Moon-Sex

    Remember that erotically charged thriller of 1981, "Body Heat"? William Hurt's oversexed character is driven so mad by Kathleen... read more
  • jul 22
    03:24 pm

    Cancer Moon-Sex

    Oh, the early stages of well-matched love are so wonderful. The dinner banter is all new information. The sex is fresh. Hope is alive! Could he be the... read more
  • jun 26
    07:30 am

    Sagittarius Moon-Sex

    Before "whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" there was, "When in Rome ..." and of course, "Blame it on Rio." These... read more
  • jun 18
    04:20 pm

    Libra Moon-Sex

    The Libra Moon is a diplomatic lover and she rules all politically oriented sex. I'm not talking about sex going on at the governmental level,... read more
  • jun 3
    03:10 pm

    Your Retro Diva Musical Icon

    Ever fantasize that you were born in a different era? A Hollywood Golden Era glamour girl, a cabaret singer or a flapper in the Cotton Club? Let the... read more
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