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D. Light
There's a traditional toast for newlyweds made to the groom that goes: "I wish you the duration of a dog, the frequency of a sparrow, the strength of a bull." I'm no zoologist, so I'm not even sure I understand that whole thing, but I really get the part about the bull. I mean, 'strong like bull...' everybody gets that right? Well they certainly do under the Taurus Moon. Ask...
  • may 31
    07:57 am

    Capricorn Moon-Sex

    Are you a player? Well if you are, you may as well stay in during the Capricorn Moon because you won't get much game. The Capricorn Moon shines... read more
  • may 20
    08:33 pm

    Lunar Seduction Secrets: Gemini Moon

    Your seduction might begin in a smoldering wordless moment, but sooner or later you gotta have something to say or your target will think you're... read more
  • may 6
    05:50 pm

    Now Here's a Sexy Thought

    Pouty lips alone cannot conjure the sexy. Add a bangin' bod and stillettoes and you still don't have enough to equal sexy. Alas, sexy is more... read more
  • mar 24
    05:56 pm

    Spring Fever Forecast

    Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and with the change of season comes a change of temperature -- internally, externally and emotionally. Maybe... read more
  • nov 2
    06:23 pm

    Harmony in the Home

    Dear D. Light, "Help! I messed up my home's feng shui and I need it back the way it was -- I mean, spiritually. But I want the renovations to... read more
  • sep 10
    06:35 pm

    D. Light-ful Astrology Questions

    #1. "Hey D. Light, I am a Libra born September 23, 1963. Have I been following the life path that was destined for me? Am I currently doing what... read more
  • aug 6
    05:05 pm

    How to Communicate with Him

    Get tongue tied around a cute guy? Do you feel misunderstood? Does it seem like your partner is just not listening? Mercury, the minister of... read more
  • may 22
    07:18 pm

    Broken Hearts Club

    Heart broke? The wise T.E. Kalem once wrote of a:"…final comfort that is small but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that... read more
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