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Kay Taylor
There’s some level of fear generated about the potential disasters that might be associated with the Cardinal Cross coming into exact alignment on April 23, although we’ve all been feeling it for at least a month now. Putin's recent annexing of Crimea may have been an early indication of this energy's manifestation in the world and we’ll be able to track accidents and bursts of...
  • nov 24
    02:54 pm

    Life Manifests with Divine Humor

    The chart we were talking about was mine. Each class member's chart had already been analyzed over our previous six weeks as they learned chart... read more
  • sep 29
    08:13 pm

    Simple Sun-Moon Strategies

    It is clear we are in times of upheaval and major change, whether we follow the stars or simply watch the news. Our own lives require a constant dance... read more
  • jul 29
    02:30 am

    Powerful Monday

    People are asking me what's going on, is the Mercury retrograde not over yet, why am I feeling so irritable/jumpy/vibrational...?The fact is, although... read more
  • jul 3
    04:06 pm

    Grounded Love

    We are heading into a lovely summer, powerful planets swimming in water signs, aligning with each other with flow and ease. Imagine hanging out with... read more
  • feb 10
    04:54 pm

    Imagining Unexpected Freedom with the Aquarian New Moon

     We just experienced an Aquarian New Moon (February 9, 2013 @ 11:20 pm Pacific time - 22 degrees Aquarius). Once we're a couple of days into the... read more
  • oct 28
    08:38 pm

    May This Day Be Full

    The penetrating scorpio Sun shines fully on a smooth and grounded taurus Moon, reflecting the light fully. On Monday, October 29th (12:50 pm Pacific)... read more
  • sep 28
    07:15 pm

    Be the Full Moon

    There is a dynamic full Moon brewing for tomorrow, September 29th @ 8:19 pm Pacific time. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus, so that the normal... read more
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