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Kay Taylor
There are interesting clues about your psychic power in your astrology chart. Like all other facets of who you are, your psychic potential is a combination of the entire chart as well as your consciousness -- how many lifetimes you've lived and how hard you've worked on healing and evolving yourself in this life. However, your Moon sign tells a lot about how you are emotionally wired for psychic and...
  • feb 10
    04:54 pm

    Imagining Unexpected Freedom with the Aquarian New Moon

     We just experienced an Aquarian New Moon (February 9, 2013 @ 11:20 pm Pacific time - 22 degrees Aquarius). Once we're a couple of days into the... read more
  • oct 28
    08:38 pm

    May This Day Be Full

    The penetrating scorpio Sun shines fully on a smooth and grounded taurus Moon, reflecting the light fully. On Monday, October 29th (12:50 pm Pacific)... read more
  • sep 28
    07:15 pm

    Be the Full Moon

    There is a dynamic full Moon brewing for tomorrow, September 29th @ 8:19 pm Pacific time. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus, so that the normal... read more
  • jun 20
    02:29 am

    A Mercurial Solstice

     Summer Solstice -- the longest day of the Sun in our northern hemisphere, followed instantly by the slow movement toward the shortest day. A... read more
  • may 5
    04:08 am

    Meditation for the Super Moon

    There is a very strong Moon coming into fullness at 8:35 pm (PST) on May 5th. The Sun in grounded, earthy, sensual Taurus will shine its light to the... read more
  • mar 18
    03:14 pm

    Fear of Retrogrades

    Fear of astrological transits, and especially retrogrades, can be lurking below the surface of our general astrological dialogue, affecting our... read more
  • jan 30
    02:53 am

    Are You Having a 5 Star Day?

     I had an opportunity to preview a charming new film with an astrological theme called '5 Star Day'. A young man named Jake (Cam Gigandet) reads... read more
  • jan 4
    03:48 am

    In the Moment or in the Cycle?

     As we enter 2012, we begin a year of hope, fear and hype that is likely to be more amazing, shocking, transformational and unpredictable than... read more
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