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Kay Taylor
The chart we were talking about was mine. Each class member's chart had already been analyzed over our previous six weeks as they learned chart synthesis techniques. One of the things I was in process of talking about was how my difficulties in my teen years cause me to have a special place in my heart for young people, and how many I had mothered and cared for along the years.As I spoke, there was an...
  • may 5
    04:08 am

    Meditation for the Super Moon

    There is a very strong Moon coming into fullness at 8:35 pm (PST) on May 5th. The Sun in grounded, earthy, sensual Taurus will shine its light to the... read more
  • mar 18
    03:14 pm

    Fear of Retrogrades

    Fear of astrological transits, and especially retrogrades, can be lurking below the surface of our general astrological dialogue, affecting our... read more
  • jan 30
    02:53 am

    Are You Having a 5 Star Day?

     I had an opportunity to preview a charming new film with an astrological theme called '5 Star Day'. A young man named Jake (Cam Gigandet) reads... read more
  • jan 4
    03:48 am

    In the Moment or in the Cycle?

     As we enter 2012, we begin a year of hope, fear and hype that is likely to be more amazing, shocking, transformational and unpredictable than... read more
  • dec 18
    06:02 pm

    Reviewing the Review

    We've had a few days since the Mercury retrograde moved forward, or actually our perspective has moved forward. Retrogrades are symbolic time cycles... read more
  • aug 7
    09:50 pm

    A Practical and Intuitive Guide to Mercury Retrograde

    It's a Mercury retrograde month, virtually all of August. Life can't stop while we wait out this and other troublesome transits, so here's some... read more
  • jul 31
    06:47 pm

    New Moon in Leo Dancing with a Mercury Retrograde!

    Yesterday (7/30/11) we had a lovely new Moon in the sign of Leo, setting the stage for creative and pleasurable initiating energy, or perhaps pointing... read more
  • jun 26
    04:34 pm

    Meditation: Neptune's Medicine

    People are often asking me how they can meditate more easily. Something so simple can be very difficult to do. Our minds become distracted, our bodies... read more
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