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Kay Taylor
The vibrational shifts in the past few weeks have been dramatic and most of us have been feeling a combination of intensity or even irritation and a felt sense of blockage … then a sudden swirl of relief combined with the ability to choose and move forward, combined with just enough uncertainty to force us to surrender and trust. Whatever path we walk, it is time to begin to move plans forward, even...
  • jul 31
    06:47 pm

    New Moon in Leo Dancing with a Mercury Retrograde!

    Yesterday (7/30/11) we had a lovely new Moon in the sign of Leo, setting the stage for creative and pleasurable initiating energy, or perhaps pointing... read more
  • jun 26
    04:34 pm

    Meditation: Neptune's Medicine

    People are often asking me how they can meditate more easily. Something so simple can be very difficult to do. Our minds become distracted, our bodies... read more
  • jun 8
    05:10 pm

    Eclipse Season: An Intuitive View

    On June 1st we had the first of three eclipses. This one was a solar eclipse, a new Moon with firepower. At 11 degrees of Gemini we could say that it... read more
  • may 1
    02:52 pm

    Spring Deepens: New Moon in Taurus

    While Aries represents the beginning of the zodiac and the energy of brand new starts, like the first shoots of a plant bursting through the earth,... read more
  • apr 17
    06:29 pm

    Libra Full Moon: Dynamic Balance

    Full Moons are the powerful opposition of the Sun and Moon, indicating a time to pause and reflect on the beauty of fullness. Today feels like a time... read more
  • mar 31
    01:50 pm

    Meditation to Heal Japan's Water

    The devastation from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami has touched our souls. As we watch or simply feel this event unfold, our sense of... read more
  • mar 28
    04:29 am

    Spring Dynamics

    The Sun's movement into Aries on March 20th has ushered in our springtime and the new year of the zodiac. People are still asking me about Ophiuchus... read more
  • mar 18
    02:58 pm

    Intuitive Listening

    Listening is one of the most healing things we can do for others. It's a skill that takes conscious attention and practice. When we listen deeply, we... read more
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