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Kay Taylor
The chart we were talking about was mine. Each class member's chart had already been analyzed over our previous six weeks as they learned chart synthesis techniques. One of the things I was in process of talking about was how my difficulties in my teen years cause me to have a special place in my heart for young people, and how many I had mothered and cared for along the years.As I spoke, there was an...
  • feb 14
    02:36 am

    Revolution: Inside and in the World

    The Egyptian revolution provides us with a very real view of our current revolutionary themes:  a dedicated and brave group of people rising... read more
  • jan 21
    11:30 pm

    The Dance of Intuitive Meaning

    I am at a writing retreat for the weekend. I write this blog. I write lots of articles. I’ve started numerous books (and intend to finish one... read more
  • jan 14
    03:10 am

    Are You an Ophiuchus? Is the Zodiac all Wrong?

    First the astronomers decided Pluto wasn't really a planet anymore and that sent everyone into a tailspin. Some of us laughed that maybe this would... read more
  • nov 10
    01:54 am

    Neptune Floating Forward

    What does it mean that Neptune is now in forward motion? On June 1st, at almost 29 degrees of Aquarius, Neptune began its annual retrograde summer... read more
  • oct 20
    02:53 am

    Saturn: It Hurts So Good

    Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, often considered to be blocking, limiting, restrictive and depressing. This is because when Saturn is strongly... read more
  • sep 22
    05:30 pm

    Back to the Climax - Balancing Self and Other

    Autumn Equinox, the point exactly midway between the longest day and the shortest day, the balancing point as the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. We... read more
  • aug 27
    05:48 pm

    Love that Virgo

    This is the ideal time to get down to business and fix the nagging, pesky problems in our lives. We have the Sun in Virgo and a Mercury retrograde in... read more
  • aug 19
    07:18 pm

    Ready, Set Mercury Retrograde!

    Yes, it is that time again. Tomorrow, Friday August 20th at 12:58 pm PDT, our beloved Mercury, the messenger planet, gives us the signal that it's... read more
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