An Intuitive Life
Illuminate life's questions via intuition
Kay Taylor
There are interesting clues about your psychic power in your astrology chart. Like all other facets of who you are, your psychic potential is a combination of the entire chart as well as your consciousness -- how many lifetimes you've lived and how hard you've worked on healing and evolving yourself in this life. However, your Moon sign tells a lot about how you are emotionally wired for psychic and...
  • oct 20
    02:53 am

    Saturn: It Hurts So Good

    Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, often considered to be blocking, limiting, restrictive and depressing. This is because when Saturn is strongly... read more
  • sep 22
    05:30 pm

    Back to the Climax - Balancing Self and Other

    Autumn Equinox, the point exactly midway between the longest day and the shortest day, the balancing point as the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. We... read more
  • aug 27
    05:48 pm

    Love that Virgo

    This is the ideal time to get down to business and fix the nagging, pesky problems in our lives. We have the Sun in Virgo and a Mercury retrograde in... read more
  • aug 19
    07:18 pm

    Ready, Set Mercury Retrograde!

    Yes, it is that time again. Tomorrow, Friday August 20th at 12:58 pm PDT, our beloved Mercury, the messenger planet, gives us the signal that it's... read more
  • aug 5
    08:05 pm

    The Cardinal Cross - The Dance Continues

    I feel a remarkable shift in the energies on the planet since the weekend. I've seen some lovely movement in people I talk to and noticed... read more
  • aug 1
    02:13 am

    Cardinal Climax Meditation

    Here is a guided meditation to help you integrate and align with the planetary energies of the Cardinal Climax.Begin in gentle meditation position. Be... read more
  • jul 29
    07:25 pm

    Being with the Cardinal Climax

    'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' This Dickens quote came to mind as I was finishing this blog entry, because this week we're... read more
  • jul 11
    03:23 pm

    More Love - Solar Eclipse Today

    The solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer today indicates we are ready to deepen with an inner infusion of love and security. Cancer gives love and... read more
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