Jungian Astrology
The cosmos and the unconscious
Sherene Schostak
“Why do we crucify ourselves ... every day … Nothing I do is good enough for you” -- Tori AmosJust wanted to drop a few lines on the ongoing craziness that is the cardinal grand square or cross. As I write this the Moon in Aries is getting ready to join the fray and stir up trouble. You may notice that suddenly everyone has an incredibly short temper and a very demanding energy (read:...
  • feb 14
    08:50 pm

    Shedding Outworn Illusions: New Moon in Aquarius

    "I get my ideas out of my dreams ... if you're lucky enough to use something you see in a dream, it is purely original. It's not in the world --... read more
  • dec 8
    04:41 pm

    Cancer Lunar Eclipse

    Now that all of the planets are direct for the first time in 2009, things are clicking along at blistering if not chaotic speed. Has it felt... read more
  • nov 8
    11:00 pm

    'Til Death do us Part

    Venus in Scorpio Archetypes: Venus, the goddess of beauty and love just entered the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. Astrologers say Venus is in her... read more
  • oct 28
    10:13 am

    This is It!

    This is it... and just in time for Halloween! Last night at the Nokia theater in Los Angeles, throngs of celebs gathered for the big premiere of... read more
  • sep 5
    03:25 am

    Full Moon in Pisces: Be Here Now.

    I'm writing from Ammachi's (the hugging Saint) ashram in Kerala, India on this Full Moon in Pisces. Situated between the Arabian sea and the... read more
  • aug 28
    09:35 pm

    The Lion of the Senate

    RIP dear Edward Kennedy, your presence is already greatly missed! The Senate will never be the same! It is truly the end of an era. Edward Kennedy was... read more
  • aug 13
    09:24 am

    Welcome to the Jungle of Uncertainty

    Now that we're on the other side of the eclipse season from Hades, as Axl Rose would say: where do we go now? Fitting that he's an Aquarian and many... read more
  • jul 28
    03:51 pm


    "A vulterous boredom pinned me in the tree" -Sylvia Plath Something heavy looms in the air. It reminds me of the I Ching hexagram: "Pi: Standstill or... read more
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