Jungian Astrology
The cosmos and the unconscious
Sherene Schostak
Saturn and Mars will join up in Scorpio this August, pushing us to become conscious of our relationship with power and submission. We will be forced to look at how we unconsciously undermine our own strength through the destructive shadow energies of the psyche. Saturn and Mars are asking us to confront those shadows of jealousy, envy, possessiveness and fear of loss that possess us at the...
  • aug 13
    09:24 am

    Welcome to the Jungle of Uncertainty

    Now that we're on the other side of the eclipse season from Hades, as Axl Rose would say: where do we go now? Fitting that he's an Aquarian and many... read more
  • jul 28
    03:51 pm


    "A vulterous boredom pinned me in the tree" -Sylvia Plath Something heavy looms in the air. It reminds me of the I Ching hexagram: "Pi: Standstill or... read more
  • jul 20
    11:28 am

    Messages from the Music Muses

    With everyone having a mini (or not so mini-meltdown) over this summer's intense eclipse patterns coupled with the sun's ingress into his home... read more
  • jul 1
    01:25 pm

    The Aquarian Revolution

    The Aquarian Revolution "The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds,... read more
  • jun 5
    03:28 pm

    Triple Play in Aquarius: The Pain of Authenticity

    The Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter Triple Threat: Something is definitely in the air. I've heard it interpreted as the "mean reds," "feeling broken,"  "a... read more
  • may 8
    05:18 am

    Nocturnos: Full Moon in Scorpio

    The full moon in Scorpio combined with the repeated Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (Mercury was retrograde in Gemini last May-June 2008) is sure to stir... read more
  • apr 23
    09:49 am

    Stop and Go: The Aries-Taurus Dilemma

    Stop and Go Song Oracle for Mars in Aries: "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Rolling Stones (There is some Aries-Rolling Stones connection going on this month)... read more
  • apr 13
    02:32 pm

    Hey baby, what's your sign ... I mean song?

    Let's check in with the almighty oracle of the I-Tunes shuffle function to see what the cosmic messages are for each sign … Aries: Gimme... read more
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