The most popular questions on people's minds today are about their personal financial and career futures. Astrologers tell us that the stars are very helpful in guiding us to better understand our potential and lead us to better decision-making.

For only $14.95 ($52.80 if sold separately!), The Business Bundle offers four of our most insightful financial forecasts from four different perspectives, to help be your financial guide. At the incredible price of only $14.95, you can't afford to miss this deal!

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  • 2015 Jobs and Money Forecast
    2015 Jobs and Money Forecast

    Master your money and get ahead in your career with this startlingly accurate forecast based upon the transit of planets on your personal birth chart.

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    " Sober, good advice -- hopeful without being too good to be true! My forecast was right on the money, and now that I know how..." read more
    -- Birgitte, Denmark
  • Art Poppe's Future Forecast
    Art Poppe's Future Forecast

    From detailing your lucky days to warning you of times of potential trouble, this forecast provides essential astrological knowledge that's personalized just for you. Full of inspiration and advice on how the cosmos will affect you,'s Future Forecast is a fabulous tool for anyone looking to reduce stress and get more out of life.

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    " I just LOVE your readings -- have been getting them for years and they are so accurate and such a wonderful guide to this maze of..." read more
    -- Christine, U.S.
  • Career and Life Path Forecast
    Career and Life Path Forecast

    Uncover the secrets to a successful career! Learn the best days to move full-force with your plans, and how to deal with obstacles when they arise. Your Jupiter forecast even provides a bit of motivation to keep you going if days seem like a struggle. Discover just how far you can take your career with this useful and insightful forecast!

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    " This reading is spot-on! For a small price, I got the answers to the questions I have been looking for about my career. Thank you.
    -- Sonja, U.S.
  • Business Success Forecast
    Business Success Forecast

    Get essential astrological information about when to begin your new business venture! Based on the birth information for a new or potential business owner, founder or major associate, this forecast will show you the best times to start a new business or business-oriented project.

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    " Thank you!
    -- Elizabeth, U.S.