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Cardinal Grand Cross Horoscopes This Week: Standing at the Crossroads

by Chani Nicholas April 21, 2014 11:44 AM EST
Cardinal Grand Cross Horoscopes This Week: Standing at the Crossroads Getty Images

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.

-- Audre Lorde

This is the week, my beauties, THIS IS THE WEEK. From Sunday, April 20 straight through to Wednesday April 23 (but let’s say Saturday to Thursday to be safe, astrology happens in waves and time zones) this week’s astrology is knocking out suckers like a 1976 Rocky Balboa. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, don’t be lazy and don’t let apathy keep you from engaging in this moment of movement. Be clear about where you want to go and what kind of world you wish to create and then create said world with every movement you make. Also sleep, folks are all sorts of exhausted right now and nothing good ever came out of that.

Feelings abound. From Saturday April 19 to Monday April 21, the moon in Capricorn is a very busy bee triggering the entire Grand Cross. This following Saturday, April 26, it enters Aries which will trigger the whole thing once again after it’s finished. That’s a lot of stream in the iron. 

We are also on our way to the second of two April eclipses. The next one will be a solar (new Moon) eclipse in Taurus on the 28 and 29 of April. This eclipse being in Taurus (watch and learn, dear Bulls) has everything to do with the wealth of the earth and how we share or choose to abuse said wealth. Also it has plenty to do with how we care for our own inner resources and if and when we allow them to enter the system of capitalistic greed mongering (but do we really have a choice?). 

For some of you this week will land in ways that feel all together disruptive. I am in no way suggesting that you should be as gleefully shouting “change” from the roof-tops if that’s not your experience; that would be cruel and insensitive. No one knows how this will all come to pass exactly because we have this little beauty called free choice. The deal with astrology is that it lands where it needs to land with us but in no way is it necessarily fair. Unfortunately life does’t roll like that.

To me, astrology is about observing how the planetary movements correspond to my inner growth, how I react to certain changes in my outer world and what choices I make because of said movements in my life and in the sky. I also track global trends, uprisings and events to glean a better understanding of said combinations (all eyes on the Ukraine). Don’t forget to look outside of your own experience to understand how one relates to the other. It’s not all about our inner or outer experience. A cross is a very balanced structure, it draws in the four directions gleaning wisdom from all sides. Consider the whole.

Most certainly the world is falling apart and it’s up to us to make sure it comes back together if we want a planet to live on in the next 50 years or so. I don’t know about you but I am not into lying about the state that we are in or ignoring the magnificent beauty that still exists here on planet if we can slow down to see it.

Just to recap, the Grand Cross consist of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all lining up to form a cross with the earth as the center piece. Mars is a major player in this concoction because it’s the fastest moving planet of the bunch and acts as a trigger for larger pattern structures. We can see Mars (as master astrologer Robert Hand points out) as a social planet, not a personal one even though most of us have been trained to see it as the later.

If Mars is used socially then it can become a very good protector of the vulnerable. When it is used personally it can be very harmful as its job is to cut and sever. One of the questions that this Grand Cross begs (of me at least) is What exactly are we protecting? With so few having so much it’s unfathomable to me that those who can don’t devote their entire life to sharing their good fortune and protecting those who suffer under this false democracy. 

But I’m just a dreamer … 

Here’s to hoping that we meet at the crossroads where there is justice for all.


The Grand Cross starts on: 

Sunday 20 April 2014 with:

07:28:48 UT - Jupiter (13 cn 29'11") square Uranus (13 ar 29'11") 

23:26:05 UT - Jupiter (13 cn 34'17") opposite Pluto (13 cp 34'17" Rx) 

And then:

Monday 21 April 2014

19:20:58 UT - Uranus (13 ar 34'7") square Pluto (13 cp 34'7" Rx) 

But wait there is more:

Tuesday 22 April 2014

19:27:44 UT - Mars (13 li 48'40" Rx) square Jupiter (13 cn 48'40") 

Not to be outdone by:

Wednesday 23 April 2014

07:08:13 UT - Mars (13 li 39'2" Rx) opposite Uranus (13 ar 39'2") 

13:37:53 UT - Mars (13 li 33'43" Rx) square Pluto (13 cp 33'43" Rx) 

And exhale...

Aries and Aries Rising

Well, it’s come to this. Never before has there been such an intense need to choose you. Instead of running around in 15 different directions please consider your course and move with purpose but above all MOVE WITH INTEGRITY. Integrity only costs one thing: your pride. To have integrity means that you refuse to lie, that your word is your bond and that you are willing to go the distance to be true. Do your best to get yourself solid in regards to integrity during the course of this month (or this lifetime really). Have every decision that you make feel 100% in alignment with your entire self (addendum: do this as much as humanly possible. Some of us are placed in impossible situations with no real choice at all. Just need to acknowledge that). There is so much movement in your chart this week that I want you to set up on the correct (for you) tracks. From here you can move leaps and bounds in the direction of your choice and in the direction of your evolution. At the end of the day Aries you answer to yourself. If you are happy with what you have done, on every level, then you’ve lived a day worth living. If at the end of the day you feel unsure about a choice you made, make amends for it as quickly as possible.  Don’t get in your own way; there are bigger things than you’ve dreamed possible trying to get through the door. Let them in. 

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

Two things: Yes! And Whoa. Yes! Because your ruling planet Venus is moving in between a trine from Jupiter to a trine to Saturn. Plus the sun just moved into your sign. The “yes!” is a yes of stabilizing the benevolence that others bring into your life via a commitment from you. However, this isn’t willy-nilly commitment. This is commitment that is predicated on contemplation. Only commit to the things that you know will feed you, fill you and sustain you and that you can feed, nourish and sustain in return. “Whoa” because there is a tremendous amount of pressure to move yet we all need to do so with as much mindfulness as possible. You can tend to get too stuck in the mud so the “whoa” needs to be balanced with the “yes!” A tempered stampede is what it boils down to. Totes easy, I know (not at all). This astrology isn’t full of ease per say but it is brimming with exciting breakthroughs; a revolutionary rite of passage and unencumbered, unabashed unique opportunity to blast through the toxic ties that harness you to all unproductive habits. And you are a Taurus; you need to produce beauty, love, sustenance and wonderfully comfortable things. I’m going to continue on my tirade about the fact that you need to put yourself in places and spaces that make you a better person. Daily. This is no time to be lazy. Sleep when you need to sleep, but lazy will drag you backwards under this cosmic current. So in short, Happy Birthday my beautiful Bulls! May this year rock you in your stagnant places and love you in your broken ones. May this year fill your eyes with beauty and your heart with exquisite joy. May this year bring with it an unparalleled amount of righteous, radical, rockin’, real love. The kind that wells up within you and spills out onto and into everything you do, make, say and sing. May you know that you are already perfect and altogether ready. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising

I could write four horoscopes for everyone this week. But I have learned to harness my Virgo into some sort of submission so I will just say this: Yes to reviewing who you fall in love with and why. Yes to becoming more visible/seen for who you are and what you offer to those around you. And yes, for goodness sakes, let go of those toxic f—king beliefs that block all of the real movement in your life and instead have you doing 400 things to distract yourself form what is real. However, when I look at your chart I really want to talk about money. Now you all know by now what I think about capitalism, corporatocracy and imperialism, yet we must be able to sustain ourselves in this sick system if we are going to change it. Revolution is tuff on an empty stock and maybe harder on a full one. I digress. Listen, you are brimming with wealth right now. You don’t even need to learn anything else, what you have right now is enough. Courses are wonderful and by all means, take them, but they are only to be taken in order to hone the skills you already posses. This belief will open up a bag of whoop-ass on your doubt, which is what we want to shift this week. Down with doubt! Up with unity! There is a certain way that the astrology is lining up this week that speaks to you specifically having a tremendous amount of integrity when it comes to your money and worth. If you take something that isn’t yours it ends up being worse for you. In the end it’s worse because of how bankrupt it makes you. It’s worse for you because it send a signal to yourself that you don’t have enough, you aren’t enough or you don’t deserve to have it outright and honestly. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

I know, right?! What the #$&*?!, Hell YES! and #ohmygoddess. It’s all happening and in major ways through you. It’s too late to do massive renovations but here are a few ways to use the energy of the coming weeks to get maximum the awesomeness that abounds:

Acknowledge The Blessings. Every single one. Every single time. Without fail. Write a gratitude list every night so that during the day you are collecting moments to praise.

Honor The Rules Of Creativity. Honor the boundary that is necessary to birth a creation. Form constricts creativity and that’s OK. You’ve been learning a tremendous amount about the kind of structure that is necessary to have your dreams find their function. Support your visions with every tangible tool you can get your hands on, but mostly with your time, attention and love. 

Embrace Change. Life is predicated on death; this business is not fit for a Walt Disney movie. If everything in your life feels like it’s starting to molt, let it. A friend and I were just discussing Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler and she said that the book boiled down to this: God is change. I agree. So does God (She told me so). There is a new energy that is demanding to be born through you. Midwife that shit. 

Focus on what you want. There is plenty about this world that can make one super BA- NA-NA-S in less than 60 seconds. Don’t ignore it but once you see it focus on the solution to it. Focus. On.The. Solution. 

Feel At Home Now. There can be no better moment to accompany yourself than this one. There can be no better home than your heart, here and now. There is no one out there that is going to do a better job of protecting you, feeding you or nurturing you than you. So you may as well roll up your sleeves and serve your needs. Now. 

Learn How To Play Well With Others. You’ve got some major relationship mojo happening, this includes business relationships. You must face your issues regarding intimacy, control, loss, fear of abandonment and all of your insecurities about communicating about what you really want, think and believe. This is no time for nice, fake or fearful. Be kind, but not plastic. 

Up The Ante. You are ready. Dress rehearsals over. Give us what you got in the rawest form you’ve got it. Make it soulful. Make it from the stuff of your dreams. Make it like you have never made it before; with everything that you’ve got. This is no time to bail. It is time to be a big, generous, benevolent source of goodness for all around you. It’s time. Show the fuck up.

Let Go Of Your Attachment To The Results. Play like a puppy. Be as grateful as a Master. Sing the praises of the glory that surrounds you and know that you’ve done what you can do and all there is left is a great, sweet, release. 

Leo & Leo Rising

The good news is that a lot of the astrology that happens this week will benefit your career life or social standing in some way. Which way? Who knows! That’s in large part up to you. Astrologically speaking, the sun is moving into your Tenth House of public affairs and/or PDA. This is generally a great transit and happens every year at this time. It’s like a coming out party. Like a make-out session with the world at large. Like you are on stage and everyone is watching, finally!  However the sun moving into your Tenth House isn’t the biggest deal this week, the Grand Cross is. However the sun is the spotlight that brings focus, illumination and attention to certain areas of our chart. I am going to ascertain that whatever the Grand Cross is awakening in your life will begin to affect your public interactions. In other words let the energy of this week roll through you like a long awaited thunderstorm in a dry, hot desert. You don’t really care about saving face at this late date, do you? Of course you do. You are human. We all try to save face, save our asses and clean up the crumbs that would give away the fact that our hands are usually in a cookie jar they shouldn’t be in. I’m lecturing everyone on INTEGRITY this week. Focusing on clarity of speech and thought would be the most powerful thing that you could do. I know a lot of very powerful leaders, teachers and elders that are phenomenal at what they do but fall short at doing it for themselves. Don’t be that lion. Your roar needs to be especially clear right now because on the heels of this Grand Cross there is a solar eclipse in your Tenth House at the end of the month (28th or 29th depending on your time zone). An eclipse in your Tenth House is not an opportunity to waste or mess about with. Eclipses are an obscuration of light, consciousness shifts and other pieces of us are revealed; shadow elements that contain a tremendous amount of our energy. This is the energy that we need to release us from the binds of our shame so we may move forward. If I were you I would make plans, plans that move your life forward in your chosen direction. Plans that excite you. Plans that terrify you. Plans that make you blush. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

If we (the planets and I) have yet to make it clear, we will attempt to do so now: Serve and protect you assets like they really are worth serving and protecting. No, we aren’t talking about money, though that could be part of it. Yes we are talking about all the beautiful gifts that you bring to the table. Yes we are talking about all the things that you do that you take for granted. There are things that come so naturally to you that you fail to recognize them as the gifts that they are. Yes we are talking about your dreams and your visions, the various ways that your soul wishes to express itself and the gifts that you have inherited from your ancestors. Yes these things are worthy of your loving shelter. Yes these things are worthy of your compassionate gaze and yes these things are your goldmine this lifetime. You may be tempted to pour your energies into bottomless cups/cutie pies but that would just be a distraction; a way to take yourself out of the very important task at hand. It would/could also be a distraction in a much more destructive way. Spending time and energy on attractions that you know deep down inside will only lead to that empty hearted feeling come nightfall is a way of staying committed to being a victim. 100% NOT OK. In fact anytime this week you hear yourself starting to complain about how so and so made you do such in such I want you to take a step back, slap some sense into yourself and take responsibility for your own damn decisions. Do not get stuck in the patterns of your people if they do not benefit your being. There are some inheritances that we actually don’t want to claim, carry forward or live out. Travel lightly with only the essentials (love, forgiveness, wisdom and patience) in your fanny pack. The eclipse at the end of the month has you journeying into the unknown so use this week to get unencumbered. Save room for unexpected joy and unplanned optimism. 

Libra & Libra Rising

Spring’s semester in becoming a Protectress/Protector of Your Hearts Deepest Desire and a Sword Wielding Wonderbeing are peaking right about….now. My hope is that the last few months have been illuminating for you in terms of how to belong more fully to yourself, how to serve and be devoted to your energetic make-up. I hope it’s also been illuminating around how to become unflinchingly honest about what your soul’s greatest desire really is. I’m wondering how the last eclipse landed in your life and also how you are integrating the lessons it carried to your doorstep. However, this may not be the time to integrate due to the nonstop action in your chart right now—so be it. This is life on life’s terms: we are all just clueless guests at the Cosmic Ball tearing up the dance floor or flowering the walls. Like the cheesy country song says, I hope you dance because this tune is far too groovy to be left alone. It doesn’t have to be pretty or even harmonious. You don’t have to get the moves right or even be in-step. In fact be as discordant as you need to be, but for the sake of your life and your happiness if you have yet to get this get it now: Be Honest. Be truthful. Be risky. Be daring. Be all about it, whatever “it” is for you at the moment. One of the components that is working so well for you right now has to do with your chosen vocation. This is where the harmony is which to me says one thing loud and clear: Do what you really want to do because success is there waiting for you. Don’t delay this. Don’t wait for the “right” time. This is the right time. This is it, your moment to pursue what you really, really want. Go. For. It. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The totally awesome thing about getting older is that if we do it right we become less and less attached to any sort of outcome. Disappointments are far rarer than they used to be. If something doesn’t work out then it wasn’t want to be. If a job doesn’t come our way then it wasn’t our job. If a relationship doesn’t work out, last or survive the growing pains then that person isn’t the person we need to be with and vice versa. To cop to our fantasies of what should have been takes up too much time when accepting what is creates so much more space. That isn’t to say that we don’t let grief wash through us, that we don’t fully acknowledge the hole left when a change occurs. It is to say that we can acknowledge the feelings while acknowledging that we trust that this was the best outcome if we have done all that we can do in any give situation. As maddening as that may be, at times it’s our only road to freedom. We don’t have to like, condone or approve of what goes on around us. Once it has happened we have to accept that it has or go completely mad. The question becomes, what do we do about it? I suggest that if you are in the process of releasing something that up until this point has been an intrinsic part of you or your life that you just be with the process of letting go for now. You’ll know what to do in a more concrete sense come July, but after this week much dust will settle. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

If we could move from the mentality of ownership to stewardship I think we would be exponentially happier. If we could learn how to keep our identity (as both a fluid and definite state) while being community minded I think we would have a drastic decline in the use of antidepressants. If we saw ourselves as creators not consumers and valued the evolution and unfolding of our utterly unique creative self-expression instead of trying to fit into anyone else's version, capitalism would cease to be relevant. Co-operation would flourish in the absence of competition. If we understood beyond a shadow of a doubt that death, release and letting go are as important to the growth cycle as birth, growth and expansion we would have very little to fear. If we truly grasped that waking up means that our entire worldview gets smashed to bits rendering us vulnerable, disorientated (at first) and raw, we may not ever try to do it. Good thing that we forget that all the time. Good thing that you are willing right now to move beyond your comfort zone and embrace the shifting tides of this month’s astrology and make the most of the partnerships that you are engaging in, the communities that you are developing, deconstructing and rebuilding. Good thing that you have weighed and considered all the places and spaces that would be the best fit for you energetically at this moment. Good thing that you are ready to get all your little pieces together in an organized and tidy fashion so that the other transitions in your life can be smooth as silk. Good thing you are recommitting to showing up every day for your health, your work and all things that you must be of service to. Good thing.  

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The beginning of the week is especially deep for you as the moon is in your sign from Saturday the 19th to the night of Monday the 21st. I say especially deep because the moon will trigger the Grand Cross while in your sign before it has completed itself. In plain old English this means that a lot of that energy will be run through your body. Sleep if you need to sleep. Exercise when you need to let off steam. Honor the rhythms of your physical being to the best of your ability. This looks like a big week for you, one of the more important ones of this year. How it rolls out for you personally is anyone’s guess though. However it occurs is exactly how it should, know that. Sometimes we miss the actual meaning of the moment because we are looking for the fireworks when really the “profound moment” was as quiet as a snail. Even though your appetites for attention and validation could be overwhelming at the moment, try to listen to what is underneath all of that desire. Where is it coming from? Who needs to be loved? What needs to be acknowledged? The truth of the matter is that the power lies with you. As long as you don’t let emotional overwhelm engulf you, this week will bring you deeper into yourself. If you haven’t already heard, this week is an apex of a lot of the bigger astrology of 2014 and it has a very large affect on Capricorn’s in general. To a very large extent the steam of this kettle is being let out through your Tenth House of career and calling, so feeling all sorts of conflicted about this part of your life is par for this course. I say embrace the conflict, honor the ambivalence, respect the indecision as a way of remembering to give up control. You don’t know what’s best for you, none of us do. Trust. The. Process.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

In about a month you will have a moment of integration that may seem relatively insignificant but I keep seeing it as wildly relevant. Why would I bring up a day long transit happening a month from now when the astrology of the moment is so hot it demands our every bit of attention? Because I want you to know that things are coming together especially if you help them do so. Things are coming together and all your hard work is paying off. If you have been putting in the hours and the elbow grease then the cosmic forces are in support of your greatest unfolding.  The beginning of this week (and the Saturday/Sunday before it starts) are extra sensitive days for you as the moon moves through your extrasensory Twelfth House then into your extra personal First House in the midst of the Grand Cross’s unfolding. In many ways when I look at your chart it feels to me like you are in a moment of truth. All the things that you and I have been talking about (travel, expansion, communication, spiritual renewal and daily rituals) are coming together as either a nice foundation for your next monument or a place where you notice the things that are falling through the cracks. There is a certain amount of productive undoing that is occurring for you but like I said in the beginning: it’s all for a good and perfectly sensible reason that will reveal itself later in the spring. For now, for the week at hand I recommend to keep the phrase, “I am not sure but I am curious and want to know more” on the tip of your tongue. Do this so that you don’t miss the opportunity of mental exploration and worldview shifting that is bounding toward you like your long-lost golden retriever that thought it would never see you again.  

Pisces & Pisces Rising

There is a tremendous amount going on in your life and it all has to do with sharing: Sharing the stage, sharing your resources, sharing your insanity, sharing your bank accounts. Sharing. You may need some refresher lessons from a modern day Mr. Rodgers for grown-ups. I will see if Alfre Woodard is available but in the meantime you’re going to have to do your own research and investigations. In fact I would use the kind of vulnerable strength, beauty, charisma, courage and especially the self-possession that Ms. Woodard embodies to inform your own sense of self. Feel free to pick anyone that you feel is a good role model of these qualities, but I also want to encourage you to use a vision of yourself that has already integrated these lessons as your real “spirit guide”. I say this all because it’s of course got nothing to do with what that may look like on the outside (but can be a helpful door to enter through). It has everything to do with the kind of psychological underpinnings that it takes to end up coming across like such a person. I think that most of us actually cannot lie to each other. There is no one that I have ever met whose actions really shocked me in the end; hurt me perhaps, but not shocked me. We are constantly reading each other’s every move, intonation and informal statements; others are doing the same to us. I say that it is high time that you get very clear on the signals that you are sending out in your shared spaces and recognize if those statements are honest ones. You have a tremendous amount of healing potential running through you right now that demands your honesty and integrity if you are to benefit from its presence. It would not behoove you to be merging resources or benefiting off of another’s if you didn’t feel like it was an equal exchange and a healthy balance. 

*Edited by Laurence Joseph Jones

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