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Chani Nicholas
Chani Nicholas

True to her Fourth House Uranus, Chani grew up in an unconventional hippie community in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It's therefore no surprise that she found yoga at age 11, had her first astrology reading at 12 and was initiated into the healing art of Reiki at 14. She immediately took to all three practices and has been studying them ever since -- though astrology is her main passion.

Chani is now a San Francisco- and Los Angeles-based astrologer, writer and yoga teacher who hosts lectures, retreats and workshops around the world. She holds a BA in Integral Studies from CIIS, an associates degree in Feminist Counseling from George Brown College and a certification from Loyola Marimount University in Yoga Therapy. Chani has been a professional astrologer for the past 10 years and writes weekly and monthly columns for,, and her own website She can be reached at

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