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Chart Question from a Super Scorpio

by The Astrologer's Daughter November 07, 2012 02:15 PM EST
Chart Question from a Super Scorpio eclipse
"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."
- Henry Drummond
This is question sent to me by a reader wondering about how her stellium in Scorpio would impact her personality, etc. (The full listing of her planet/sign/house combinations are below). While I can't answer all questions about an individual's chart, I was able to get to this one. It's a mini-reading … but hope it's enjoyable and offers a little insight into the way the planets and signs may weave their energy into our lives …
Hello Hudson,
I have 5 placements in Scorpio. And this is the chart I got from ... Please help me understand myself more...
Hi Lace,
You really do have a lot in Scorpio -- the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all clustered in the mystic Twelfth House! You also have Mars in Scorpio however I would read your Mars as more in outgoing First house since it's right on the Ascendant (within 3 degrees). People with an abundance of Scorpio energy tend to see the world through a very emotionally rich lens -- everything is layered with meaning and they tend to go about seeking or just stumbling down the rabbit hole into very intense, emotionally wrought experiences. It's the sign death, sex and transformation after all -- not exactly light fodder. However, you're born with the sort of depth, resilience and spiritual courage to overcome adversity and experience a series of emotional re-births and transformations … it's very powerful energy and it tends to invoke circumstances that bring about the best of your survival instincts.

With all that Scorpio energy in your Twelfth House, there may be something about you that feels like it lives "behind the veil" so to speak … a secretive, private temperament or reclusivity which allows you to observe others and tap into subtle layers of consciousness. I would guess it makes you a mystic of sorts -- whether that means you read tarot cards or others' behavior. There's great potential for psychic sensitivity as well as empathy towards the plights of others (when you're not caught up in your own drama). However, anything in the Twelfth House can be tricky … in that you can't act out of hunger to please the ego. The planets in the Twelfth indicate which parts of ourselves have to be surrendered for the greater good … used in service for the collective. You have your 2 all-important luminaries here -- the Sun (the self, purpose, ego) and Moon (emotional temperament, underlying mood, instincts) -- here as well as Mercury (communication) and Venus (forming relationships, values, what one shows to the opposite sex). So people can probably see that you're quite emotionally keen and astute … driven by quiet passions and whipped up in emotional storms every so often. Again, Scorpio is about survival and peak experiences and almost needs things to get worked up in order to learn how to let go and channel all their power in a way which is positive and healing for themselves and others.

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Of course, you have some other things going on in your chart besides the massive stellium (cluster) in Scorpio. You've got the fiery, pluckish Sagittarius Ascendant which will lighten up your personality a bit and make you a bit more fun-loving, adventurous … as well as add a dose of bawdy good humor. Mars so close to the Ascendant also adds a spark -- or more like a burning blue flame (since it's Scorpio) -- to your persona. You may dawn on others as strong-willed (stubborn? opinionated?), intense, adventurous, sexual and a little provocative. You likely have no problem getting into intensely personal conversations really quickly … Sagittarius rising's can be pretty blunt and then you add Mars in emotionally intrepid Scorpio to the mix (not to mention the psychic receptors of the Twelfth House stellium) and you may find yourself knee deep in hot water from the get-go. You may find introductory conversation boring and superficial … you have way to much depth to tolerate skating on the glossy surface. Of course, this comes with its blessings (rich in feeling, sensitive, channeling voice of the psycho-therapist, shaman-like abilities) but also its drawbacks (feeling hard to relate in breezy day-to-day life, feeling too much, being too intense, not being able to light up and enjoy at times, suspicious).

With Jupiter (your "ruling planet" since you're a Sag rising and Jupiter rules Sag) in your Ninth House in Leo, I'd guess travel would be part of your destiny. Perhaps you've been re-located to an exotic land (or dream of going to one). You may feel a bit culturally displaced if you're in an environment too bland, conventional or even "easy" for such an formidable, rich, old soul like yourself. You may need expand your horizons whether that's through travel or higher education (both Ninth House themes.). But there's something valuable and joyous for you in experience and getting your head or your body out of your comfort zone and into some place exotic … whatever you sense as the great beyond. And faith will play a large part in your willingness to put yourself in these types of situations. With the North Node (the direction we're trying to go in this life) in Virgo in your Tenth House of career, you're here to grow into a role which benefits the community … you want a concrete skill to offer the public, to "rise in life" and stature. With your South Node (the past, where we feel comfortable and where we can be held back) in the Fourth House of home and family, it may feel a little awkward to seek attention or to think that you could play a public role in some way (Scorpio Twelfth House energy would also be a little wary of "publicity"). It may also feel like your family or just your desire for privacy are stumbling blocks. But if done in service (North Node is in Virgo after all) and with modesty, you'll feel right at home as well as enlivened by embodying your destiny in some real way. Though you feel "hidden" in a lot of ways -- and quite comfortable there -- it's a lifetime to come out of hiding in a way that feels right with you soul's special purpose.

Hope that helps. Just one astrologer's interpretation. Absorb what feels right and discard the rest. Nothing trumps your intuition (especially with a chart like that! :) Take care and thanks for your questions.

planet sign degree motion Sun Scorpio 9°11'52 in house 12 direct Moon Scorpio 23°55'39 in house 12 direct Mercury Scorpio 28°08'20 in house 12 direct Venus Scorpio 18°34'11 in house 12 retrograde Mars Scorpio 29°57'00 end of house 12 direct Jupiter Leo 8°08'46 in house 9 direct Saturn Virgo 11°30'19 in house 10 direct Uranus Scorpio 16°15'11 in house 12 direct Neptune Sagittarius 16°39'48 in house 1 direct Pluto Libra 17°28'53 in house 11 direct True Node Virgo 26°01'45 in house 10 retrograde
House positions (Placidus) Ascendant Sagittarius 2°13'20 2nd House Capricorn 1°28'33 3rd House Aquarius 2°13'09 Imum Coeli Pisces 4°38'31 5th House Aries 6°47'24 6th House Taurus 6°05'59 Descendant Gemini 2°13'20 8th House Cancer 1°28'33 9th House Leo 2°13'09 Medium Coeli Virgo 4°38'31 11th House Libra 6°47'24 12th House Scorpio 6°05'59
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