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Dog and Dragon

The Dog and the Dragon must try hard to understand one another’s motivations in order to have a smooth relationship, for as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their connection may be marked by friction. The Dog happens to be one of the most flexible signs in the zodiac and would seem to get along with almost anyone; also, signs opposite one another in the zodiac tend to have an intense attraction to one another, at least initially. Problems will come up between the Dragon and the Dog sooner or later, however, due to their different natures.

As lovers these two might have an intense sexual connection but their relationship could otherwise be prone to strife. The Dragon feels and expresses things immediately, forcefully; this might be quite off-putting to the Dog, who also tends to speak its own mind but has a greater need for peace than does the Dragon. The Dog is sensitive to emotional imbalances and generally spends plenty of time alone in order to self-maintain. The Dragon may tire of the Dog’s moodiness and could perceive the Dog as being an emotional manipulator. The Dog is not manipulative, but it is temperamental and has trouble trusting people.

These two can trust one another; they simply have trouble realizing it. Both signs are very loyal to those they hold dear and both will fight to protect loved ones. If the relationship between these two is business-oriented, they will also both work together to protect one another and the company — if they can learn to get along. The Dog is a hard worker and knows how to be discreet; these traits could work well with the Dragon’s energetic demeanor and gift of initiative. The Dragon is also lucky with money, but may take too many risks for the Dog’s tastes.

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