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Dog and Sheep

The Dog and the Sheep may be a bit of a mismatch, but the Dog is so diplomatic that no problem between these two is insurmountable. The main issue that comes up between these two are the differences in their interests and their energy levels. The Sheep is a bit of a loner, if only because being alone is easier than navigating the confusing emotional minefield of human relationships. The Sheep is perfectly happy dwelling almost entirely within its own imagination. The Dog, on the other hand, is more of a doer than a thinker; this sign likes to get moving and keep going, and generally prefers the company of other high-energy, adventurous types.

As lovers these two might spend a lot of time butting heads over how they spend their time. The Dog may become impatient with the Sheep’s dreamy, rather reserved nature; the Dog likes physical activity, even if that’s only work around the house or yard. The Dog does hold itself to high principles, though, and won’t allow any impatience with the Sheep to devolve into pettiness or meanness. When in love, the Sheep treats its beloved to gifts of home-cooked meals and other small delights; the Dog will feel well-taken care of, especially if these two live together. However, the Sheep is rather emotionally sensitive and any imbalance in the relationship could send this sign into the throes of anxiety.

As business partners these two may fare better. The Dog can act as the company’s front person, being both socially gregarious and diplomatic; this is the sign to smooth over any wrinkles that come up with clients or associates. The Dog is extremely trustworthy when committed to a cause; the Sheep can rely on its partner for honest dealings. The Sheep, who likes to maintain control and autonomy, can be free to handle the more creative side of the business, dreaming up innovations that the Dog will then put into action.

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