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Dragon and Dragon

Two Dragons together means double the intelligence, double the luck — and double the fire! This is the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac, as a certain sense of magic seems to enhance all it does. Luck is a big factor in the Dragon’s life, in love, money and career success, and as long as two Dragons together don’t inspire one another to take unwise risks, there’s no limit to what they can do together!

As lovers these two will share an incredible, electric connection. Dragons are very sexy, charismatic and lucky in love; in a romantic union between two of this sign, occasional arguments should be expected due to the intensity of their natures, but the flare-ups should end quickly. Dragons hardly ever hold a grudge, finding many more interesting things to spend their energy on. If these two live together, their house may be a bit neglected since they spend lots of time out on the town, pursuing adventure. The good news is, neither will ever have to try to convince the other to go out, since both are always up for a good time.

As business partners, these two may have a struggle over who gets to be in power, because both will want and expect the power to be theirs. They will have to work on finding a balance, since Dragons are natural leaders and initiators, used to being in charge and not at all used to being flexible. Their business may be short on planning, but Dragons have quick, innovative minds; any snag that comes up will be dealt with both creatively and effectively. This sign also has that mysterious luck on its side; most of the risks that Dragons take end up paying off. Their office will likely have a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced atmosphere.

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