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Dragon and Ox

The Dragon and the Ox can make a great connection as long as they have similar goals in mind. The Ox may be put off by the Dragon’s fiery, impetuous nature, which is in direct contrast to the Ox’s solid, steady and serious approach to life. Oxen tend to be rather shy socially and can even turn some potential friends off due to the way they present themselves in social gatherings — as the rather rigid thinker who has no tolerance for others who are more frivolous or less honorable. The Dragon does appreciate the Ox’s honorable nature, however, and being a fearless, courageous sign, won’t be turned off by the Ox’s judgmental or dogmatic demeanor.

As business partners these two could be an incredible powerhouse of a team. The Dragon is quite lucky with money, though it isn’t money that drives a Dragon – it’s power. The Ox will appreciate the Dragon’s money magnetism and will bring a lot to the team, being a diligent, dependable worker, one who wants to do things right the first time. As lovers these two can make a great match — the Ox isn’t terribly romantic, but can be incredibly passionate, which the passionate Dragon will appreciate. The problem between these two is they have rather dissimilar values: Where the Dragon is an idealist, an ambitious and pioneering spirit, the Ox is more stubborn, conservative and methodical. The Ox avoids arguments and is slow to anger, but when these two fight, it will be epic! They would do well to learn to appreciate one another’s rhythms and motivations.

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