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Dragon and Rooster

The Dragon and the Rooster are highly compatible due to their complementary differences. They do seem quite opposite in nature: The Dragon is fiery and exciting while the Rooster is practical, even conservative; the Dragon operates on instinct while the Rooster relies heavily on planning. The Dragon is able to show the Rooster a good time, however, and can rely on the Rooster to bring it back down to earth when the Dragon flies too high.

As lovers, these two blend their different strengths to create a loving union. The Rooster does tend to nag, which won’t work with the Dragon except to make its temper flare; however, the Rooster makes a highly devoted and loving partner, which the Dragon will truly appreciate. The Dragon seems fiery but has a very soft heart and truly loves a loyal partner and a comfortable home to nest in; conversely, the Rooster seems very exacting but does love a fun night out on the town. If these two live together, their home will be impeccably clean and tasteful, due to the Rooster’s keen eye and classic style.

As business partners these two can build quite a solid team, complete with the Dragon’s luck and gift of initiative and the Rooster’s innate conservatism and eye for detail. The Dragon will be the one to keep things exciting and moving forward, to drum up support and bring in money and new clients. The Rooster will work more behind the scenes, drawing up business plans and poring over accounts to make sure the Dragon’s flair for risk-taking isn’t spilling over into the finances. Both of these signs are honest and do their dealings above-board; they will greatly appreciate being able to trust one another.

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