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Dragon and Snake

The Dragon and the Snake make a good match as long as they know one another’s habits and motivations. Both are sexy and attractive signs, albeit in different ways: The Dragon’s magnetism is more brash and energetic than the Snake’s, whose appeal lies on a more subtle plane. Still, their attraction to one another will be immediate and likely physical in nature! The differences in the ways these two signs approach the world aren’t necessarily opposing; the Snake relies on its intuition more than on logic and the Dragon relies on luck, on taking advantage of circumstances and opportunities.

As lovers, these two could enjoy an electrifying connection. Their physical attraction is robust and they share a meeting of the wits as well; problems may arise, however, due to their differing energy levels. The Dragon has plenty of get-up-and-go energy, while the Snake tends toward self-indulgence and even laziness, especially when feeling satisfied. ‘Why move when I’m so comfortable here’ seems to be the Snake’s motto, which might wear on the more active Dragon’s patience. Also, the Snake suffers from a certain inner insecurity that often leads to jealousy and possessiveness in a love relationship. Both signs will have to employ patience and understanding to ensure their union runs smoothly.

These two may work out even better as business partners; the Snake is a great planner and is quite lucky with money, while the Dragon is lucky all around and could be the perfect sign to put the Snake’s plans into action. An office shared by these two is likely to be a dynamic, high-energy place, fairly buzzing with good energy and ideas.

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