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Dragon and Tiger

The Dragon and the Tiger may initially be quite attracted to one another, as both signs possess famously magnetic personalities; however, their attraction may, sooner or later, give way to irritation. The problem between these two lies in their mutual power dynamic: The Dragon likes to be in charge of everything — people and situations both — but the Tiger insists on autonomy. Both of these signs are fearsome in a dispute, and disputes are likely to come up between these two.

As lovers, these two are likely to enjoy a highly combustible relationship! The Tiger presents the Dragon with a real challenge: How can the Dragon overpower and possess the courageous, self-possessed Tiger? The Dragon is uniquely equipped to meet any challenge, however, including the Tiger’s impulsive and mercurial ways. And while the Dragon isn’t exactly impulsive, it is spontaneous, a quality that the Tiger will love. These two signs can definitely keep up with one another’s bursts of energy. Though a brash and courageous sign, the Dragon needs emotional support from a lover, but the Tiger needs independence first and foremost. The Tiger is also deeply emotional, however, and does possess compassion and understanding. All of these qualities together make for a very dynamic and interesting relationship, to say the least.

As business partners, these two may engage in less of the positive interaction and more of the power struggles; they both simply want to do things their own way and both think theirs is the best way. The Dragon will have to learn to be far more flexible with a Tiger as a business associate; the Tiger, in turn, will have to learn how to work toward common goals instead of always following its own path.

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