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Horse and Dog

The Horse and the Dog have a fun, good-natured connection that can be quite mutually satisfying. Both are fun-loving, basically happy signs (despite the Dog’s occasional moodiness) and love an active social life. The Horse won’t mind the Dog’s occasional mood swings, being subject to them itself. The Horse possesses more raw magnetism than the Dog and is witty and charismatic, while the Dog spends less time on chit-chat and more on discussing the deeper topics that trouble or inspire its heart. This quality is likely to be attractive to the Horse, who possesses general knowledge of a wide base of subjects and always wants to learn more.

As lovers, these two aren’t likely to spend much time at home alone together; theirs may be a relationship of perpetual dating! If so, it’s likely to be just fine for both of them. Both signs, but especially the Horse, like constant stimulation and variation. The Horse doesn’t generally stay in a love affair long-term, since its preferences are so mercurial, but may truly enjoy life with the Dog. The Horse responds well to a mystery and the Dog’s occasional mood swings and flares of temper or pessimism are plenty mysterious and interesting enough for the Horse. These two are likely to share a strong physical connection and won’t be able to wear one another out, though they may try.

If these two are business partners they will have to choose work that holds their interest long enough to turn a profit. This might be something that involves travel; both Horses and Dogs love traveling, as it is the ultimate variation of food, setting and companionship. Both signs are capable of hard work; they simply must commit themselves to it. The Dog’s loyalty and high morals and the Horse’s ingenuity will greatly come in handy; the office shared by these two is likely to be a fast-paced, dynamic place.

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