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Horse and Dragon

The Horse and the Dragon can have lots of fun together and make an active, stimulating match. These two meet on both a social and a mental level; they share the same high energy and love of good times. Neither sign likes to settle down for long, though this is a bit more of a chronic problem for the Horse than for the Dragon. Still, these two can keep one another stimulated, happy and fulfilled far longer than other pairings with either sign might.

As lovers, theirs is a high-profile, fast-paced relationship. Both these signs exude raw sexual magnetism and theirs is likely to be an immediate attraction. The quality of their time together will be based on both their intimate connection and on their mutual love of an active social life; they have lots of mutual friends and enjoy going out several nights a week to do something new and fun. This may be the envied couple among their circle of friends, for their mutual energy, good humor, intelligence and attractiveness. The Horse may seem as confident as the Dragon but actually suffers from a bit of inner insecurity, which the strong, warmhearted Dragon may be able to help extinguish for good.

As business partners the Horse and the Dragon should prepare for plenty of work — theirs is the kind of company that grows and grows and grows! The Horse usually tends to lose interest quickly and move on in relationships, social circles and jobs; however, with the exciting Dragon at the helm, the Horse will find things interesting and dynamic enough to stick around. The Dragon is considered to be a very lucky sign and the Horse knows how to work hard; an office shared by these two will have a thriving, energetic atmosphere.

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