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Horse and Horse

Two Horses share an immediate connection: They instantly recognize a similar soul to their own, one that loves movement and stimulation and loathes settling down. Their attraction is likely to be immediate and complete, whether amorous or platonic. Horses love a good time and are witty, scintillating companions; two together is generally just double the fun. Things can get sticky due to the Horse’s famously mercurial nature and its need to be the center of attention. Two Horses might fight for the spotlight or at least occasionally feel overshadowed by one another, and there’s no guarantee that their minds will change at the same time, in the same way.

As lovers these two will most likely start out strong. Horses tend to be in love with love and throw themselves into a new romance with great energy, showering a lover with all the gifts and whispered appreciations that attend a proper seduction. However, Horses are the most unpredictable sign of the Chinese zodiac; the only thing one can be sure of is that the Horse will change its mind sometime. This sign loses interest — in a lover, a project, a job — seemingly on whim, and will move on in the blink of an eye. This dynamic works out all right between two Horses, since they both understand the urge to move on, but it doesn’t make for much of a long-term connection.

If these two are partners in business they will have to find something to do that will hold both their interests long enough to grow and become profitable. Horses are hard workers when they feel like working and are capable of great ingenuity; the problem, again, lies in this sign’s difficulty in focusing on one endeavor for long. An office shared by two Horses will be a fun, exciting, dynamic place where anything goes, but the Horses themselves may not stick around long enough to enjoy any real returns.

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