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Horse and Sheep

The Horse and the Sheep can create a very fun relationship if both signs are willing to make a few plausible compromises. Though in some ways they are different in nature, the differences are often complementary. Horses are quite unpredictable; they never like to settle down but always want to be freshly stimulated. They are attracted to the Sheep’s artistic nature; the Sheep possesses its own unpredictable side, being somewhat emotionally high-strung and a very unusual, progressive thinker. The Horse recognizes a partner in the Sheep and the Sheep finds the Horse to be quite stimulating and exciting.

If these two are lovers, their connection is likely to start off strong, but where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. The Horse tends to be in love with love and throws itself heart-first into a new affair. The dreamy Sheep could quite easily be swept off its feet by the Horse’s romantic gestures; this sign needs to feel admired by a lover. Problems may come when the Horse’s restlessness sets in again, urging this sign to move on. The Sheep’s sensitive side will likely come to the fore, but since this sign tries to avoid conflict, it may hold its hurt feelings in rather than expressing them. Whatever their relationship becomes, these two are likely to have a very strong physical connection.

If the Horse and the Sheep are business partners, the Sheep may naturally become the company front person, as this sign likes to be in control. The Sheep is a progressive thinker, capable of dreaming up all kinds of clever innovations, and will also appreciate the Horse’s unique brand of ingenuity. The Horse may be the one who chats everyone up at business meetings and power lunches, but the Sheep is likely to be the real power behind the company. The Horse is quite capable of hard work but will move on as soon as its interest in the venture wanes.

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