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Monkey and Dog

The Monkey and the Dog have some fundamental differences in their natures, but their similarly high energy levels and love of activity make theirs an easy relationship. The Monkey is a fun-loving sign and is always ready for a new adventure; the Dog will appreciate this sensibility and will love being the Monkey’s running mate, so to speak. The Dog has a more serious heart and soul than does the Monkey but is generally an affable, lighthearted sort. Sometimes the Dog needs to run off and be alone to nurse a sudden mood swing, but this will be no problem for the Monkey, who may be so busy with its own pursuits that it doesn’t even notice the Dog’s absence!

As lovers, these two are well-matched, as long as the Dog knows it can trust the Monkey. The Monkey isn’t exactly untrustworthy, but it’s best for any sign involved with it to know the Monkey’s habits as well as its weaknesses. This sign is so gregarious and curious that it has the potential to stray romantically; whether this happens and how the Dog will handle it will depend on the individuals. The Dog has rather high moral standards and has trouble trusting people as it is, so this sign may not stand for anything less than loyalty. In general, these two will have a fun, upbeat and lighthearted relationship centered largely on social outings.

In business, the Monkey will naturally take the position as top dog, so to speak, and the Dog will fall in at the Monkey’s side. The Monkey can wow potential clients or associates at power lunches while the Dog keeps right up. The Dog also has a special ability to see the truth of a situation or in a person’s heart and can use this gift to help the Monkey avoid unnecessary risks. The office shared by these two will have a fun, dynamic atmosphere; the business could grow quickly due to the Monkey’s fearlessness.

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