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Monkey and Horse

The Monkey and the Horse might just be too similar to get along smoothly for long. Both are fun-loving, energetic, stimulation-seeking signs, and their mutual desire to be the center of attention could draw out the more competitive sides of their natures. The Monkey, especially, loves to rise to any challenge, but if a competition ensues between these two, the Monkey could be surprised when the Horse suddenly up and leaves the scene! The Horse is a basically restless sign that never likes to stay in one place for long. The Monkey likes to pursue its own pleasures first, but isn’t quite as unpredictable as the Horse.

A romantic relationship between these two would likely be a very fun, high-energy affair but might not last very long. The Horse tends to throw itself into new relationships, being rather in love with love, but as soon as its interest begins to wane this sign is ready to move on, being generally unwilling to stay and try to work things out. This is likely to be just fine with the Monkey, really; though not so mercurial as the Horse, the Monkey is famously gregarious and has the potential to stray in any romantic relationship. In one with the Horse, the Monkey may not even have time to stray!

If these two are business partners, they may need a third party to help ensure the stability of the company. The Monkey is often too busy having fun to be bothered with work and the Horse might just up and leave at any time! Things may not be that uncertain between these two, but their office will certainly have a feeling of being very dynamic, full of possibilities. The Horse may ultimately put in more hard work than the Monkey, but the Monkey likes to feel it is the one in command; thus, occasional arguments are possible.

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