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Monkey and Monkey

Two Monkeys are about as much fun as, well, a barrel of monkeys! This sign has tons of energy and is all about pursuing pleasure and adventure, so two Monkeys is usually just double the fun. Occasional arguments are to be expected; this sign tends to be a bit of a show-off and likes to maintain its position in the spotlight. These two might have occasional power disputes but the Monkey isn’t interested in holding a grudge; that takes too much time and negative energy. Fights will be thorough but over quickly and forgotten completely.

As lovers, these two will enjoy a highly physical connection; their lovemaking may be like two kittens, rolling around and playing with claws bared. If these two live together their house may not be very well-kept or even very oft-inhabited; Monkeys don’t tend to spend much time at home unless it’s to bring back all their friends after the clubs have closed down. This relationship is likely to keep both their interest longer than one with a different sign might, since the Monkey likes stimulation first and foremost. This sign has the potential to stray romantically, being very gregarious and curious too. That may not be a problem in this relationship, even if it does happen!

As business partners these two might struggle over dominion. The Monkey is a fun-loving sign but also likes to be in control, even if that means having to put in some actual work. These two will have to try to compromise over who is in control of which aspects of the business. They can function as a power team in business meetings, however, wowing potential clients and associates with their know-how and charming sense of humor. An office shared by these two will be a dynamic place, as this sign loves taking risks; the business may fail or prosper, but it will always be an interesting ride.

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