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Monkey and Ox

The Monkey and the Ox will inevitably clash, as they are too different not to, but they can make good friends if they understand one another’s natures. The Ox’s penchant for harmony and order will work in this relationship’s favor; the Ox avoids disagreements whenever possible. Also, the fun, energetic Monkey might be able to spice up the Ox’s social life and show this normally shy, reserved sign a good time. However, when the Monkey gets overly boisterous, the Ox’s normally placid demeanor will give way to this sign’s inner conservatism.

As lovers, these two will have to allow one another plenty of space to be themselves. The Monkey needs to be active, to go out with friends and have a thriving social life, but the Ox may prefer to stay home. The Monkey’s primary interest is the pursuit of pleasure and the Ox may have a hard time being patient when the Monkey’s exuberant nature gets it into trouble. The Ox is a naturally honorable sign and tends to hold others to rather high standards; the Monkey may have trouble measuring up. The Monkey is both curious and gregarious and thus has the potential to stray romantically; the dependable, steady Ox will have trouble understanding this kind of behavior.

As business partners, these two may find it hard to communicate. They simply have different goals: The Ox wants to focus, buckle down, work hard and do things right the first time, while the playful Monkey will focus only if it will lead to an exciting result! The Ox may grow impatient with what it views as the Monkey’s antics, and may treat the Monkey accordingly. The Monkey, in turn, will tire of the Ox’s practical, conservative nature and may grow to see the Ox as something of a killjoy.

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