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Monkey and Rabbit

The Monkey and the Rabbit are rather opposite in nature, so a mutually satisfying connection may take both work and understanding. The Rabbit’s powers of compassionate perception will help this relationship a great deal, but this sign is traditionally rather passive and more giving than it needs to be, and may end up putting more energy into the relationship than the Monkey does. The Monkey means no harm; it simply is generally most interested in pursuing its own pleasure, first and foremost.

As lovers, these two have different interests. The Rabbit likes entertaining at home with dinner, candles and soft music; socially shy but very affectionate, this sign is most comfortable in intimate gatherings. The Monkey loves a party but is a very energetic, up personality that loves groups, crowds, noise, lights and fun. While the Rabbit is hosting the small dinner party at home, the Monkey might be out at a nightclub or the county fair, talking and laughing and running around, trying to use up all that seemingly inexhaustible energy. These two signs may be attracted to one another but their connection isn’t likely to be based on an intense soul-recognition or meeting of the minds.

As business partners, the Monkey and the Rabbit must both take care not to let the company spiral out into chaos. The Rabbit has no head for mundane responsibilities and should not be in charge of the finances; the Monkey may not do well with that responsibility either, as this sign is rather self-indulgent and thinks nothing of spending too much on momentary pleasures. The Monkey will be the most natural front person in this partnership, the star of meetings and power lunches, while the Rabbit puts its creativity to use behind the scenes. It may be necessary to bring in a third party to handle the practical side of the business.

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