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Monkey and Rat

The Monkey and the Rat make a fantastic pair! Both fun, energetic signs that thrive on parties and other social gatherings, the two simply have a great time together. Each of these signs has a bit of an ego, which isn’t a bad thing; it may lead to occasional arguments or competitive spirits, but the Rat, for one, enjoys arguing, debates and challenges of all kinds, and the Monkey is a born performer! These two find their clashes almost as fun as their most compatible points.

As lovers, these two share a hot connection; they feed and play off one another’s energies and are likely to be a favorite couple among their friends, who are many. The Rat had best quell any possessive or jealous tendencies, however, as the Monkey has the potential to stray romantically. The Rat, who often seems to be promoting its own agenda, is more likely than many other signs to understand the Monkey’s pursuit of its own happiness, so the Monkey’s free-spiritedness may not be much of a problem.

As business partners, these two are dynamite. They share a love of power and the Rat’s shrewd head for business and money-making are great gifts to the team. The Monkey likes to be in control of things, but the Rat is smart enough to know how to let the Monkey feel like the one in power while the Rat stays busy, working hard toward its own goals on the sly! Mostly, though, these two signs’ goals are one and the same, so they will find it easy to work together as a team.

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