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Monkey and Sheep

The Monkey and the Sheep can have fun together, but sooner or later the Monkey’s high energy and seeming devil-may-care attitude might send the sensitive Sheep into a worrying spree. The Sheep has an artistic sensibility and tends to be rather high-strung; when subject to too much chaos or when not feeling properly admired by a loved one, this sign can begin to feel off balance and anxious. The Monkey is a good-time sign with plenty of energy; this sign is social, curious and always up for an adventure. These two might make an initial connection, perhaps in the forum of their shared social group, but the Monkey might have trouble keeping the Sheep satisfied for long.

If these two are lovers, it’s likely that their relationship began at a dinner party or a club — someplace where both signs were having fun and where the Sheep, in particular, was feeling unconstrained, free to talk and enthrall the Monkey with this Sign’s esoteric thought patterns. When in love, the Sheep is a very sensuous soul who loves giving food and massages as gifts for the beloved. The Sheep needs to feel appreciated by a lover, however, which may be a tall order for the Monkey, who is constantly swinging from one group to the next, packing in as much fun as possible.

As business partners, these two might endure the strain of power struggles. Both signs like to feel they’re the one in charge, though the Monkey doesn’t like to put in a lot of hard work if it’s avoidable (this sign wants to have fun!). The Sheep has a great mind for dreaming up unique business innovations but doesn’t handle mundane responsibilities, such as finances, very well. The office shared by these two will be unusually and artistically decorated, thanks to the Sheep. Both these signs are softened by flattery, which may have to be utilized by each to keep the other moving forward.

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