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Monkey and Tiger

The Monkey and the Tiger may find it difficult to find common ground; as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. Initially they could be quite mutually attracted — both are fun-loving and generally light-hearted, and the Tiger possesses great magnetism and sense of self, which the keen Monkey will notice and appreciate. After a while, however, the Monkey, who tends to be a bit of a show-off, may start to compete with the Tiger for attention or for the top, or lead, position in the relationship. The Tiger won’t have any of it; this sign is one of the most individualistic and independent of the Chinese zodiac and expects to be in charge at all times. The noble Tiger may view the Monkey as overly frivolous or even reckless.

As lovers these two might have fun together but their relationship will also likely be prone to arguments as well, resulting from the Tiger’s commanding presence versus the Monkey’s penchant for mischievous fun. The Monkey, being both curious and gregarious, loves to be social with lots of different groups and isn’t likely to mind when the independent Tiger needs time alone to do its own thing. This is a good dynamic, especially since the Tiger tends to run away from possessive lovers and restrictive relationships. Both these signs pursue their own interests; for Monkey its pleasure, and for the Tiger its freedom. But while it’s good that they can both stay true to themselves, their relationship may not have much to bond them together.

Even so, these two may actually fare a bit better sharing a romantic relationship than sharing an office; at work, the Tiger is even more directive and commanding than in love — and the Monkey is even more playful! These two may tire quickly of what the Monkey sees as the Tiger’s patronization, and what the Tiger sees as the Monkey’s unfocused frivolity.

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