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Ox and Horse

The Ox and the Horse seem like a mismatch but their very differences could prove complementary, with a bit of understanding on both sides. There is certainly room for both signs to become irritated or impatient with one another in this relationship, however. The Ox’s dependable, steady and conservative nature is in direct contrast to the Horse’s wild, free spirit, its love of travel and variation and its deep independent streak.

The Horse can become quite uncomfortable when pressured to settle down, but the Ox is all about stability. A love relationship may not be optimal for these two signs; the Horse may be too restless for the Ox’s steady, harmonious love nature. The Horse actually has some inner conflict when it comes to love: It craves love and intimacy but suffers from an inferiority complex. Therefore, this sign has a hard time letting its guard down, even with close friends. This may illuminate a point of connection between these two signs, however. The shy, caring Ox may be just the sign to make the Horse feel loved and valued. The Horse will appreciate being able to lean on the strong Ox in times of distress or need, whether these two are lovers, members of the same family or business partners.

As business partners, their success could depend on whether the Horse sticks with the business or decides to ditch the venture at a moment’s notice and move on to something else. This is certainly a possibility, as changeability is in the Horse’s nature; however, the Horse is a hard worker, which the equally hardworking Ox will appreciate. The Ox tends to work by practical methods and won’t find fault with the Horse’s work ethic.

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