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Ox and Ox

Both steadfast and dependable, possessing strength and tenacity, two Oxen together create a formidable force! As friends, lovers or business associates, these two work well together as long as they can agree on who is in charge of what. In a home shared by two Oxen, neatness, peace and harmony reign; in any relationship between two of this sign, arguments are few and the connection is steady. This sounds wonderful, and it is — the problem is, this relationship lacks that bit of fire that spices things up and keeps life interesting.

As Oxen tend not to be very socially outgoing, two Oxen may actually have a hard time meeting, even if they’re attracted to one another! At parties, this sign hangs back and may seem to present a disapproving front to others, who are just having a good time. If two Oxen live together, they may not throw parties of their own very often, and if they do, they’re likely to be somewhat serious, formal affairs. This is not to play up the Ox’s more negative qualities; it’s simply that this is a shy sign that places quality over quantity. On a one-on-one basis, the Ox blossoms, and family and friends provide this sign with its greatest comfort and refuge. Being a naturally intelligent, trustworthy and honorable sign, two Oxen together can have an incredibly close and committed relationship.

As business partners these two can be a real powerhouse — they must just both take care not to be overly dogmatic when presenting their own views of how the work should be done. The Ox’s rigidity and its judgmental nature can sometimes get it into trouble, but in general, its practicality and its penchant for getting things done well the first time will win out and lead to this sign’s success.

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