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Ox and Rat

The Ox and the Rat are quite an interesting pair indeed: They are a definite case of opposites attract. Where the Ox is shy, serious and perhaps even a bit rigid, the Rat is clever, social, witty and fun. But therein may lie their connection; the Ox is attracted to the Rat’s lighthearted, lusty approach to life and the Rat loves the Ox’s sense of honor and trustworthiness.

The Ox finds comfort in close friends and family, and that provides ground for another connection with the Rat: While something of a party-animal, the Rat is especially caring, supportive and generous toward those it holds dear. The Rat is able to make the sweet, shy Ox feel well-taken care of. Both these signs are loyal, too; if their relationship is amorous, they aren’t likely to give one another reason to feel jealous or possessive. In any type of relationship, the Rat will be able to get the Ox to lighten up a bit and have some fun and the Ox will be able to add a stabilizing influence to the Rat’s life.

As lovers, these two are dynamite. The Rat is a very heady, physical lover and the Ox possesses a stout constitution. These two will never be able to wear one another out — but they’ll sure try! As business partners, they also make a great combo: The Ox will be the honorable backbone of the duo while the Rat will put its shrewd mind to good use.

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