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Ox and Rooster

The Ox and the Rooster make a nearly perfect pair, whether their relationship is romantic or platonic. They’re quite similar in temperament and values and their differences are complementary. Both the Ox and the Rooster are rather conservative in their approach to life: Both prefer practical, tried-and-true methods to anything risky; the Rooster’s perfectionism meshes well with the Ox’s penchant for doing things right the first time. All these qualities lend themselves especially well to work and career, and as business associates, these two make a strong and practical team. The sturdy Ox can serve as the backbone of the business and the Rooster’s keen eye and innate resourcefulness can move things forward toward success.

As lovers, these two are every bit as compatible. Both value trustworthiness and honesty, so neither sign will ever give the other reason for jealousy or possessiveness. When in love, the Ox’s normally shy, serious and reserved demeanor gives way to a deep sweetness; the Ox avoids discord whenever possible and loves to create a calm, harmonious home life. The Rooster needs this kind of calm, orderly atmosphere to blossom in a love relationship; this sign has a tendency to idealize lovers and romance but the honorable Ox will more than live up to the Rooster’s expectations. The Rooster is a bit more of a social butterfly than the shy Ox and may be able to draw the Ox out of its shell.

The only trouble between these two may result from their mutual tendency to be rather blunt, critical or judgmental at times but, as this results from their honest, direct natures, this may not be a problem at all. Whatever the relationship may be between these two, others can expect that the home or office shared by the Ox and the Rooster will always be impeccably clean and tastefully luxurious.

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