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Ox and Sheep

The Ox and the Sheep may have to work to make their relationship flow smoothly since, as opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, their relationship may be marked by friction. The problem results from these two signs’ opposing sensibilities: The dreamy, eccentric Sheep is bound to find the conservative, sensible Ox to be a restrictive influence, while the strong and practical Ox is likely to find the sensitive and high-strung Sheep to be overemotional, even irrational. None of these qualities is inherently negative, but these particular signs may well find themselves straining against the confines imposed by the other’s personality.

As friends or lovers, these two are no more compatible. On a date the Sheep will be trying to deflect attention away from itself, being somewhat skittish and private, while the shy, socially uncomfortable Ox will be presenting itself as even more of a serious, rigid thinker than it really is. The Sheep may think the Ox is uncreative and the Ox may think the Sheep is too unusual … These two can make it work if they learn to understand one another and try not to judge their differences as negative. On a positive note, the sensitive, sometimes insecure Sheep will greatly appreciate the Ox’s honest and trustworthy nature.

The same goes for these two as business partners: If they can learn to consider one another’s strengths as assets, they can create a thriving business complete with the Sheep’s progressive mind and artistic flair and the Ox’s practical, hard-working nature. This may, however, be more easily said than done!

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