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Ox and Snake

The Ox and the Snake make a great pair! Though outwardly different, these two share similar sensibilities — they both prefer quality and depth over quantity and flashiness, and neither sign is afraid of hard work. Both also value family and a strong, stable and satisfying home life. From the outside this relationship may look a bit tame to more adventurous types, but from within, it sparkles with its own depth of passion.

As lovers, these two do very well indeed. The charming and popular Snake may well be able to draw the shy Ox out of its shell, but will also appreciate the Ox’s love of home, comfort and family. The Ox will be drawn to the Snake’s intuitive nature and philosophical mind. In fact, these two have much to learn from one another — each has its own unique way of tackling the world. The Ox’s steady, dependable nature will soothe the Snake, who tends to be a jealous and possessive lover when given the slightest reason. With the trustworthy Ox, the Snake will have no cause to feel insecure!

As business partners these two make a powerful team. The Ox’s practical, deliberate methods will complement the Snake’s more dashing and intuitive approach. The Snake is also quite lucky with money, a great gift for the business or for keeping the home life stable. The Snake’s powers of diplomacy and its love of being the center of attention make this sign a natural front person at work, someone who can meet and greet new clients or associates. This is fine with the Ox, who prefers to stay out of the spotlight and put in its efforts behind the scenes.

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